The Huracán data repository is on JASMIN (Centre for Environmental Data Analysis):

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Tropical cyclone tracks

Introduction: Below are the tropical cyclone track datasets available for analysis. Tracks are based on the TRACK algorithm (see Hodges et al., 2017), with additional tracking with TempestExtremes. Data locations on JASMIN are given (monospace type). Additional datasets are available on other platforms (RACC, ECMWF, DKRZ), and these will be migrated to JASMIN as soon as possible. New datasets will be added as Huracán progresses. If you encounter any errors or broken paths, please inform Kevin Hodges, Pier Luigi Vidale or Alex Baker.

Data type: tropical cyclone tracks
Domain: Northern Hemisphere
Description: date, time, longitude and latitude over full cyclone lifecycles (precursor to post-tropical cyclone) as well as separate files containing pre-TC tracks, which are generated by TRACK prior to tropical cyclone identification
Variables: cyclone intensity metrics (vorticity, minimum sea-level pressure, and maximum wind speed at 925hPa and 10m) and cyclone-associated precipitation (or subset)

1. Modern Era Reanalyses
I. ERA5, 1950-2022 (1979-2019 currently on JASMIN: /gws/nopw/j04/hrcm/cache/bakera/PRIMAVERA/TRACK/ERA5/NH/)
II. ERA-Interim, 1979-2018 (Univ. Reading RACC)
III. JRA25, 1979-2013 (Univ. Reading RACC)
IV. JRA55, 1958-2017 (Univ. Reading RACC)
V. MERRA2, 1980-2016 (Univ. Reading RACC)
(MERRA2 and JRA55 will be brought up to date as soon as possible.)

2. Longer reanalyses (surface-only data assimilation)
I. ERA20C, 1900-2010 (Univ. Reading RACC)
II. CERA20C, 1901-2010, 10 member ensemble (Univ. Reading RACC)
III. NOAA-20CR V3, 1806-2015, 80 member ensemble (JASMIN: /gws/nopw/j04/cmip6_track/NOAA-20CRv3/TC/)

3. Climate model simulations
I. CMIP6, AMIP (1979-2014), historical (1850-2014), piControl , ssp126, ssp245, ssp370, ssp434, ssp460, ssp585 (2015-2100), multiple models, ensembles (JASMIN: /gws/nopw/j04/cmip6_track/CMIP6-TRACK/)
II. PRIMAVERA/HighResMIP, multiple models, ensembles, SST forced (1950-2014, 2015-2050), coupled (1950-2050) (JASMIN: /badc/highresmip-derived/data/storm_tracks/TRACK/)
III. SPHINX, EC-Earth with and without stochastic physics, atmosphere only, multiple resolutions (T159-T1279), ensembles (1-10), historical (1979-2008), future (2038-2068) (JASMIN: /gws/nopw/j04/hrcm/kihodges/SPHINX/)
IV. d4PDF, MRI, 100 member ensemble, historical (1951-2010), future 4xCO2 (2071-2100) (JASMIN: /gws/nopw/j04/cmip6_track/d4pdf/historical/TC/ and /gws/nopw/j04/cmip6_track/d4pdf/future/TC/)
V. CMIP6-HighResMIP tracks (historical 1950-2014, AMIP and coupled, 6 models; future 2015-2050, AMIP and coupled, 5 models) (available from CEDA)
VI. nextGEMS coupled storm-resolving simulations (ICON 10 and 5km; IFS 9, 4 and 2.5 km); cycle 2 and cycle 3 runs
VII. N1280 (10 km) UM simulations with the (AMIP; 1980–2010; configuration similar to HighResMIP-PRIMAVERA)
u-ck777 /home/users/plvidale/TRACK-1.5.2/u-ck777/
u-ck778 /home/users/plvidale/TRACK-1.5.2/u-ck778/
u-ch330 /home/users/plvidale/TRACK-1.5.2/u-ch330/

4. Seasonal prediction ensembles
I. GLOSEA5/6, 7month hindcasts, 7 members, 4xmonth, 1993-2015 (JASMIN: /gws/nopw/j04/klingaman/fascinate/TRACK/GLOSEA5/
and /gws/nopw/j04/klingaman/fascinate/TRACK/GLOSEA6/) and GLOSEA6 forecasts, 7 month, 2 ensemble members (on jasmin at: /gws/nopw/j04/westpac/kihodges/GLOSEA6/)
II. ECMWF fully coupled hindcasts (CSF-20C, “guh4”) 1901-2010, 50 ensemble members initialised from CERA-20C, with May and August start dates, 4 months and 12 hourly output. Atmosphere-only simulations using prescribed observed SSTs (SEAS5-20C, “guxf”), 24-month hindcasts (multi-annual forecasts) 1901-2010, 10 ensemble members, November and May start dates. (ECMWF)
III. C3S multi-model hindcast, ensembles (will be re-tracked to include high latitudes)

5. NWP (currently only obs-matched tracks)
I. TIGGE, ECMWF, MetOffice, (2008-2022), some others (2008-2015), ensembles (Univ. Reading RACC) and deterministic (JASMIN: /gws/nopw/j04/klingaman/fascinate/TRACK/UKMO/ and /gws/nopw/j04/cmip6_track/TIGGE-READING/nc003680/TIGGE/)
II. ECMWF 48-day hindcasts, twice per week, 1995-2022 (ECMWF)

6. Decadal prediction systems
I. DePreSys4 (JASMIN: /gws/nopw/j04/cmip6_track/DePreSys4/TC/)


superBT (a super Tropical Cyclone Best Track dataset)

Developed by: Michael Fiorino, Ph.D.
Commander, US Navy (retired)
Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences, George Mason University

Version V03 has R34 data from the JTWC/NHC best tracks only. V10 will have more R34 data from CIRA and analysis of full-res ERA5 surface winds. V10 intended to be ready before the end of 2023, but the work is unfunded. Note that both JTWC & NHC are now ‘best tracking’ the wind radii at least since 2018. The current version V03 is distinctive because of the pTC (9X ‘invests’) data and rainfall from three satellite-based analyses. For more information, see this presentation, which is the talk Michael Fiorino gave at the Huracán kick-off day in March. It shows some of the features of the pTC data, such as how, in developing pTC, the wind shear drops 48 h before genesis.

V03 data

Python2.7 code developed to list (post-)TCs and do analysis is available here and documented here.