Intermedia/Interarts Workshop

28 MAY 2019

A cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue between scholars and filmmakers on film, literature, theatre and television in China.

As East Asian cultures become a global force, it is increasingly important to understand the ways in which they blend, interact or clash with other cultures across the world. Within this context, the notions of ‘intermediality’ and ‘interarts’ seem ideally poised to evaluate social and cultural practices involving the local and the global. Border-crossing by definition, intermedia and interarts are emerging fields of scholarship that function across disciplines in the humanities.

This project draws on the assumption that they can be instrumental in understanding complex developments in the Sinosphere and its increasing encroachment onto the wider world, as much as the UK which is currently under pressure both to retract from the wider sphere to a more marked national context, and to continue to engage vigorously with Europe and the rest of the world. Despite the global potential for understanding intermediality and interarts through their discursive and creative practices across geographical, cultural, political and aesthetic borders, there has been very little attention to the potential for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue between China and the UK in this respect.

How can intermedia/interarts help us to understand the parallels and relations between the two countries? What role does intermedia/interarts play in the understanding of historical and cultural transformations? How is an increasingly globalised system of mediated communication impacting on the humanities?

Supported by the British Council through the UK-China Humanities Alliance and drawing on a collaboration between the University of Reading and Hangzhou Normal University, this workshop explored ways in which scholars, artists and theorists engage with border-crossings on all levels.

Including speakers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and the UK, film screenings, book launch and a lecture-performance by pioneer documentary filmmaker Wu Wenguang and choreographer and filmmaker Zhang Mengqi, it will open up a new platform for the study of the dialogue across the arts and media on a global scale.

Further information is available in the brochure and the Lecture-Performance and following Q&A with the directors Wu Wenguang and Zhang Mengqi is available to watch – Interarts Workshop Lecture Performance and Q&A with Directors Wu Wenguang and Zhang Mengqi

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