Description: On 13 April 2016, the first IntermIdia workshop took place in the Department of Film, Theatre & Television, University of Reading, under the title of ‘Understanding Intermediality’. It included papers by: Luciana Araújo, Samuel Paiva, Suzana Reck Miranda, Flávia Cesarino Costa, John Gibbs, Lúcia Nagib, Alison Butler and Lisa Purse. These were followed by discussion with the IntermIdia advisors Julian Ross, Deborah Shaw and Ágnes Pethő. The keynote speech, at the end, was delivered by Ágnes Pethő.


00:08 Dr Luciana Araújo (UFSCar), ‘Stage and screen attractions in São Paulo in 1920s’
07:45 Dr Samuel Paiva (UFSCar), ‘The “Árido Movie” and “Manguebeat” Phenomena – Paths to a Research between Cinema and Music’
13:36 Dr Flávia Cesarino Costa (UFSCar), ‘Musical numbers in Brazilian films between 1936 and 1960: intermedial dialogues between cinema, theatre, radio and the interplay with popular culture’
23:06 Dr Suzana Reck Miranda (UFSCar), ‘The filmed musicians in Brazilian musical films in the 1930s’
29:34 Dr John Gibbs (UoR), ‘Videographic film studies and the IntermIdia project’
35:46 Prof Lúcia Nagib (UoR), ‘The Politics of Intermediality’
45:33 Dr Alison Butler (UoR), ‘Artists film as intermedial form’
48:32 Dr Lisa Victoria Purse (UoR), ‘Texture and intermediality in the contemporary Brazilian music documentary’
55:10 Dr Stefan Solomon (UoR), ‘Still Brazil: Photography, Cinema, and the Freeze – Frame’
57:56 Dr Albert Elduque (UoR), ‘Sensual music divorced from image: the case of Júlio Bressane’
1:00:51 Agnes Petho, Julian Ross, Deborah Shaw – Intermedia Project Advisor discussion
1:16:48 Prof Agnes Pethö (Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania), ‘Understanding Intermediality in Contemporary Cinema: Changing Shapes of In – Betweenness’