In February 2024 we held our first project advisory group meeting, it was a great opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and for us to provide an introduction to the project, including the aims, objectives and research design. 

We are delighted to have such an experienced advisory group contributing to the project.  

More detail is on the project website under ‘Advisory group’ and we captured everyone’ happy smiley faces in the picture (consents duly sought and secured!) 

We shared information about the four work packages that will be completed by April 2026: 

 - WP1 a,b,c  (framing and scoping)​ and see our working papers here 

 - WP2 a,b,c,d  (primary data collection and discussion)​ 

 - WP3 workshops and synthesis​ 

 - WP4 write-up stage plus a symposium and other dissemination activity 

In the meeting we discussed the communications plan and six key audiences (and how we will reach out): 

  1. Participant neighbourhoods​ 
  1. Policy makers​ 
  1. Professional planners​ 
  1. Voluntary community sector (intermediaries)​ 
  1. Research and academic communities​ 
  1. Underrepresented neighbourhoods across UK and NI 

There will be a variety of activities and outputs towards the end of the project, highlights are workshops (WP3)​, symposium (WP3)​, a ‘living power’ toolkit​ and published work including papers, book and blogs. Meantime we are producing working papers – the first two are already out here.