Shovon gave an invited talk on “Phytoplankton Dynamics and Time-Varying Ecosystem Indicators Using NASA Giovanni Data” at ASA Gregory G. Leptoukh Giovanni Workshop. This webinar talk was live telecasted, and a large audience attended. Here is the youtube link

Remotely-sensed ocean-colour time series provided by NASA-Giovanni are very useful for qualitatively understand the dynamics of oceanic ecosystems and quantitatively estimate the ecosystem indicators. This presentation dealt with the recently developed approaches to understand the dynamics of marine phytoplankton and their community structure using Giovanni time series. It showed how ecological and bio-optical models, and suitable data assimilation techniques can be used to (i) understand the phenology of phytoplankton blooms, (ii) estimate the time-varying growth rate and mortality of phytoplankton, (iii) estimate the time-varying phytoplankton size spectra, and (iv) compute phytoplankton functional types/size classes from remotely-sensed ocean colour. The overall results of these studies will be potentially useful for enhancing our understanding of the dynamics and biodiversity of oceanic primary producers, and their biological response in the changing environment.