Shovon gave a talk on “Data assimilation for improved estimation of autotrophic carbon using marine biogeochemical models” at Joint GODAE Ocean View Data Assimilation Workshop, Santa Cruz, University of California.

The autotrophic biomass in the ocean is fundamental to the global carbon cycle. However, an accurate estimation of this biomass stock on a global scale is a non-trivial task. This presentation dealt with some recent and on-going examples of using sequential data assimilation into simple ocean biogeochemical models for estimating the carbon stocks of the oceanic autotrophs. It focused on ensemble-based state-parameter estimation, and presented the utility of estimating the time-evolution of important biological parameters associated with autotrophic dynamics for improved estimation of their biomass stocks.

Results were discussed in the context of minimizing the uncertainties in estimating these quantities from remote sensing, and the potential applications to global marine ecosystem models.