New events announced

Next generation challenges in Energy-Climate modelling workshop 2021

16th and 17th September 2021

Details available here


Energy-Climate Data Hackathon

21st – 25th June 2021 (plus scoping event 2-5pm 18th May)

Details available here



About our group

The aim of the Energy Meteorology research group is to understand the impact of weather and climate on the energy sector, and to develop new ways to exploit weather and climate information for energy risk management.

Our research spans a wide spectrum of space and time scales, from urban to global and from minutes to centuries. We draw upon state-of-the-art meteorological tools (including numerical weather prediction and global circulation models) to address a range of energy sector issues, including

  • wind farm modelling
  • resource characterisation
  • extreme events and insurance
  • forecasting and energy trading
  • system integration
  • impacts of future climate change

To foster an interdisciplinary approach to these issues, we work in partnership with the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), and collaborate closely with colleagues from accross the University of Reading (e.g., the Energy Group, and the Walker Institute). We also work with a range of industrial and government partners.