Group Members

Prof David Brayshaw (Group lead, Professor in Climate Science and Energy Meteorology)

Impacts of weather and climate on human and environmental systems, particularly power systems at regional, national and international scales. Weather and climate forecasting for energy applications; management of climate risk; large-scale atmospheric dynamics and the extra-tropical storm tracks.

Website: David Brayshaw


Prof Janet Barlow (Professor of Environmental Physics)

Boundary layer meteorology and experimental techniques applied to the boundary layer, e.g. Doppler lidar. Urban climate and impacts on urban energy demand and supply, and development of Building Energy Models for use within urban microclimates. Quantification of variability in wind and solar supply, and assessment of micro wind turbines in urban-type wind-flows. Wind farm scale energy resource estimation.

Website: Janet Barlow


Prof John Methven (Professor of Atmospheric Dynamics)

The dynamics of weather systems and the predictability of the atmosphere. Airborne transport of atmospheric constituents, such as water vapour and pollution. Observational experiments for dynamics research.

Website: John Methven


Dr Stefan Thor Smith (Associate Professor in Energy Systems and the Built Environment)

Sensitivity of energy systems to weather, and the implications of weather and climate considerations to understanding energy system behaviour. Impact of energy systems to local climate, particularly at an urban scale; modelling energy-environment interactions in the context of complex systems theory.

Website: Stefan Smith


Dr Daniel Drew (Post-doctoral research scientist)

Wind energy resource assessment at regional and local scales. Optimising the performance of small wind turbines in urban areas. Quantifying the power losses due to wake effects of large offshore wind farms.

Website: Daniel Drew


Dr Paula Gonzalez (Post-doctoral research scientist)

Former participant of PRIMAVERA and S2S4E projects. Interest in climate variability and change, climate predictability and their applications to the energy sector. Use and postprocessing of climate model outputs for applications.

Website: Paula Gonzalez


Dr Hannah Bloomfield (Post-doctoral research scientist)

S2S4E project.  Energy systems and climate, particularly how increased amounts of variable renewable generation will effect future energy systems.  Previously a PhD student in the group, PhD title: Future climate, future energy

Website: Hannah Bloomfield


Adriaan Hilbers (PhD student)

Mathematics for Planet Earth CDT.

PhD title: Understanding climate uncertainty in power systems planning.

Website: Adrian Hilbers


James Fallon (PhD student)


PhD title: Understanding forecast value in complex decision-making systems.



Daniel Hdidouan (Imperial College London, PhD student)

Valuing the impact of climate change on the renewable power system in Europe and North Africa.

PhD title: Climate changing renewable power outputs.

Website: Daniel Hdidouan


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