Mesoscale Group Students






Research Students

Shammi Akhter
Controls on the track and intensity of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal
Rhiannon Biddiscombe
Moist processes and their interaction with storm tracks
Jake Bland
The control of cloud and moisture on extratropical cyclone evolution
Dony Christianto
Interactions Between Regional and Local Circulations In Maritime Continent: Their Role in Convective Storms and Their Fidelity in Models
Hannah Croad
Fundamental Mechanisms of Arctic Summer-time Cyclone Growth and Sea-Ice Interaction
Sophie Cuckow
The feeder stream: investigating the mechanisms causing extreme precipitation in cyclones
Adam Gainford Exploiting the benefits of convective-scale ensemble forecasts
Juan Garcia Valencia
Sea surface temperature pattern influence on monsoon variability and change
Isabelle Gorst How does Boundary Layer Variability affect Cumulus and Convective Storm Development?
Hette Houtman Trapped lee waves as a source of low-level drag on the atmosphere
Xueqing Ling
Development of Arctic cyclones
Kaustubh Mittal
Discovering the Mechanisms Behind “Forecast Busts”
Alanna Power Improving convective storm simulations through scale-adaptive and flow-adaptive sub-grid methods
Melissa Seabrook
Multidecadal atmospheric circulation trends and their links to extremes
Vibha Selvaratnam
Isabel Smith Using high-resolution climate models to predict increases in atmospheric turbulence
Charlie Suitters
Atmosphere blocking dynamics: Persistence, re-intensification and interaction with other weather systems
Amber Te Winkel
Improving the Efficiency of Weather and Climate Prediction by developing Mathematical Methods to take Long Time Steps
Doug Wood
The Importance of Arctic-Midlatitude Interactions on Flow-Dependent Predictability