Mesoscale Group Students






Research Students

Shammi Akhter
Controls on the track and intensity of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal
Jake Bland
The control of cloud and moisture on extratropical cyclone evolution
Lewis Blunn Developing high-resolution NWP for local-scale air quality prediction over cities
Hannah Croad
Fundamental Mechanisms of Arctic Summer-time Cyclone Growth and Sea-Ice Interaction
Sophie Cuckow
The feeder stream: investigating the mechanisms causing extreme precipitation in cyclones
Emanuele Gentile
The impact of atmosphere-wave-ocean coupling on extreme surface wind forecasts
Brian Lo
Detecting severe weather with radars for observations-based nowcasting
Kaja Milczewska Improving the accuracy of air quality forecasts
Alanna Power Improving convective storm simulations through scale-adaptive and flow-adaptive sub-grid methods
Elliott Sainsbury The role of post-tropical cyclones for European extreme weather
Daniel Shipley Mathematical Techniques for Atmospheric Convection to Improve Severe Weather Prediction
Charlie Suitters
Atmosphere blocking dynamics: Persistence, re-intensification and interaction with other weather systems
Liam Till The Role of Updrafts in Cloud Evolution
Alec Vessey Quantifying Arctic Storm Risk in a Changing Climate
Ryan Williams The air we breathe – Quantifying stratospheric influence on extreme air pollution events