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Up Next (29th March, Microsoft Teams): Humphrey Lean

If you would like to present at one of the available slots, please contact Emanuele Gentile (e.gentile@pgr.reading.ac.uk) or Sophie Cuckow (s.cuckow@pgr.reading.ac.uk).

Spring 2022


Week Date Speakers
1 11 Jan 2022 Dan Shipley
Capturing convective initiation with multi-fluid models: lessons from linear instability
2 18 Jan 2022 Brian Lo
Identification of ZDR Columns for early detection of severe convection
3 25 Jan 2022 Bring-a-thing or plot
4 1 Feb 2022 Bob Plant
Organized Spatial Patterns
5 8 Feb 2022 –Open to speakers–
6 15 Feb 2022 Emanuele Gentile
On the predictability of Ianos: a hurricane in the Mediterranean
7 22 Feb 2022 Athul Rasheeda Satheesh
How coherent is rainfall in northern tropical Africa in time and space – and why?
8 1 Mar 2022 **No Meeting**
Quo Vadis 2022
9 8 Mar 2022 Oscar Martinez-Alvarado
Weather patterns over Southeast Asia: definition, relationship with high-impact weather and applications on sub-seasonal forecasting
10 15 Mar 2022 Iliana Polychroni and Sophie Cuckow
“Combined extreme climate indices over the Mediterranean region. Variability and trends analysis” and “The contribution of moisture in the pre-extratropical cyclone environment to precipitation”
11 22 Mar 2022 Miguel Teixeira
The importance of weak dissipation for the drag exerted by trapped lee waves on the atmospheric flow
12 29 Mar 2022 Humphrey Lean
100m scale modelling: plans and challenges

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