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Mesoscale Group
Specializing in Weather Systems with Horizontal Scales of ~1-1000km

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Up Next, (11th June): Natalie Theeuwes

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Summer 2019
Week Date Speakers
1 23 Apr 2019 Jian-Feng Gu
Intensification variability of tropical cyclones in directional shear flows
2 30 Apr 2019
Matt Priestley
Secondary Cyclones and Cyclone families across the North Atlantic and Europe
3 7 May 2019 None
4 14 May 2019 Will McIntyre
Modelling grey-zone dry convection with the multi-fluid model
5 21 May 2019 None
6 28 May 2019 Visiting Scientist Intros from PhDs 
Dr. Cecilia Bitz is visiting from University of Washington, short introduction presentations from PhD group members
7 4 Jun 2019 Bring a Plot
8 11 Jun 2019 Natalie Theeuwes
London’s boundary layer and cloud cover
*CANCELLED* 25 Jun 2019 Victoria Sinclair (Visiting scientist from the University of Helsinki)

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About us

The Mesoscale Group is comprised of academic staff, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, and Met Office researchers who share common research interests in mesoscale weather processes and systems. The mesoscale occupies a horizontal length-scale range from approximately 1–1000 km. As a result, it includes many phenomena. For example, individual convective storms, gravity waves and cyclones.

Specific research interests within the group are diverse and include:

  • the predictability and parameterisation of convection
  • diabatic processes within extratropical cyclones
  • pollution and volcanic ash transport
  • sting-jet dynamics, stationary rainbands
  • stratosphere/troposphere exchange
  • and urban meteorology

Much of this work is done in close collaboration with Met Office staff in the Mesoscale Modelling Research Group, part of the MetOffice@Reading.

Team Members:

Group Leader: Prof. Sue Gray
Student Leaders: Michael Johnston and Will McIntyre

The Who’s Who:

Lean about the research interests of our Research Staff and PhD Students. We meet for an hour once per week, where someone discusses what’s new with their research.

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