Mesoscale Group Staff


Academic Staff

Prof. Peter Clark

  • Urban surface exchange
  • Mesoscale structure of extratropical cyclones
  • Convective-scale NWP
  • Convection in the ‘Grey-Zone’.
Prof. Suzanne Gray

  • Predictability of weather forecasts
  • Climatology of various weather phenomena
  • Pollutant transport by weather systems.
Prof. Robert Plant

  • Convective parametrisations
  • Modelling in ‘Grey-Zones’
  • Explicit simulation of convection
  • Effects of frictional and moist processes on mid-latitude cyclones
Prof. Helen Dacre

  • Development mechanisms of extratropical cyclones
  • Pollution transport
  • Volcanic ash dispersion
Dr. Christopher Holloway

  • Atmospheric convection and its organisation
  • Tropical weather and climate
  • Interaction between convection and larger scales
  • Representation of convection in NWP
Dr. Miguel Teixeira

  • Orographic gravity wave drag and its parametrisation
  • Oceanic turbulence (e.g. Langmuir circulations)
  • Interfaces between turbulent and non-turbulent flow

Research staff

Dr. Torsten Auerswald
  Dr. Alex Baker

  • Precipitation extremes and climate change (e.g. Monsoons)
  • Resolution sensitivity and model evaluation
  • Climate variability (European, East Asian)
  • Palaeoclimate and water isotopes
Dr. Chimene Daleu
Dr. Russell Glazer


  Dr. Ben Harvey

  • Extratropical storm tracks and blocking
  • Climate variability and change
  • Rossby wave dynamics
  • Atmospheric predictability
  Dr. Natalie Harvey

  • Convection and boundary layer turbulence
  • Long-range dispersion of volcanic ash
  • Forecast verification
  • Quantification and communication of uncertainty
  • Remote sensing of the boundary layer
Brian Lo


  Dr. Oscar Martínez-Alvarado

  • Mid-latitude dynamics and mesoscale processes
  • Dynamics and thermodynamics of extratropical cyclones
  • Data assimilation of moisture for convective-scale NWP
  • Planetary atmospheres
Dr. Andrew K. Mirza
Dr. Mark Muetzelfeldt


Dr. Dan Shipley
Dr. Ambrogio Volonté

Research Support Staff

William McGinty

  • Computational Scientist (NCAS-CMS)

MetOffice@Reading Staff

Dr. Lewis Blunn

  • NWP at km to sub-km scales
  • Urban surface exhanges and boundary layer modelling
Dr. Carol Halliwell

  • Improvements of convection and turbulence in high resolution models
  • Fog forecasting
Dr. Kirsty Hanley

  • Predictability of convective storms
  • Microphysics of convective storms
Dr. Humphrey Lean

  • NWP at km to sub-km scales
  • Explicit representation of convction
  • Understanding predictability
  • Evaluation and improvement of NWP at these scales
Dr. Aurore Porson

  • Evaluation of operational models
  • Coordination of UK testbeds
Mr. Nigel Roberts

  • Quantification and interpretation of uncertainty
  • Ensemble prediction systems