Past Terms’ Meetings

Spring 2024
Autumn 2023
Week Date Speakers
1 26 September 2023 No session
2 3 October 2023 Adam Gainford
“A new metric for assessing ensemble spread applied to a case of elevated convection”
3 10 October 2023 Hannah Croad and Ambrogio Volonte
“Investigating sea ice coupling in ECMWF & UKMO weather forecasts for the summer-time Arctic”
4 17 October 2023 Russell Glazer
“Understanding Nocturnally-Driven Extreme Precipitation Events over Lake Victoria in a Convection-Permitting Model”
5 24 October 2023 Kirsty Hanley
“Urban-Scale Ensemble Modelling for WesCon”
6 31 October 2023 Neha Skaikh
“The Atmospheric Boundary Layer over the Indian Sector of Southern Ocean”
7 7 November 2023 Alanna Power
Modelling Convective Turbulence in Shallow Cumulus Topped Boundary Layers
8 14 November 2023 Vibha Selvaratnum
“Parametrising turbulence and unresolved motions in atmospheric dispersion models”
9 21 November 2023 Remi Tailleux
“An Objective Definition of Potential Vorticity”
10 28 November 2023 Hette Houtman and Isabelle Gorst
Trapped Lees Waves: In Real Life and in the UKV” and “Identifying Horizontal Convective Rolls”
11 5 December 2023 Christmas Quiz
Summer 2023
Week Date Speakers
1 18 April 2023 No session
2 25 April 2023 Peter Clark
“Atmospheric Rivers, Massflux Convection and Turbulence. A bit of a rant.”
3 2 May 2023 Bring a Plot
4 9 May 2023 No session
5 16 May 2023 Ambrogio Volonte
“Step-by-step progress towards a global sting-jet climatology”
6 23 May 2023 Ben Harvey & Oscar Martinez-Alvarado
“CANARI Regional Modelling Plans – The storms of the future in a convection-permitting model”
7 30 May 2023 Dan Shipley
Capturing linear instability in Rayleigh-Bénard convection: lessons for convection parametrization
8 6 June 2023 Brian Lo
“How are ZDR columns represented in the UM?: A tale of two near-operational configurations”
9 13 June 2023 Jake Bland
“An example of comparing Eulerian process tendencies to try to understand model behaviour”
10 20 June 2023 Cristian Valer Vraciu, Universitatea din București
The role of passive cumulus clouds in the transition from shallow to deep convection
Spring 2023
1 10/01/2023
2 17/01/2023 1st year presentations part 2
Hette Houtman and Isabelle Gorst
3 24/01/2023 Helen Dacre
Southern Hemisphere Extratropical Cyclones
4 31/01/2023 Lewis Blunn
Two regimes of dispersion in a convective boundary layer from high-resolution NWP
5 07/02/2023 Emanuele Gentile, Princeton University
Attribution of observed extreme marine wind speeds and associated hazards to midlatitude cyclone conveyor belt jets near the British Isles
6 14/02/2023 Bring a plot
7 21/02/2023 Miguel Teixeira
Attenuation of mountain waves by a boundary layer
8 28/02/2023 Natalie Harvey
Comparision of ash emission estimates from the inversion of dispersion simulations and the ATHAM plume model
9 07/03/2023 Charlie Suitters
(Some) Dynamics of the European 2019 Winter Heatwave Block
9.5 08/03/2023 Paul Barrett, Heather Moore, Humphrey Lean, Thorwald Stein
WesCon 2023 – the Wessex Convection Experiment
10 14/03/2023 ***No meeting***
Quo Vadis 2023
11 21/03/2023 Tiger Teams: Flynn Ames, Hannah Croad, Adam Gainford, Ieuan Higgs, Brian Lo
Crowd-sourced data for machine learning prediction of urban ​heatwave temperatures


Autumn 2022
Week Date Speakers
0.5 06/09/2022 Cristian Vraciu, Universitatea din București
The parameterization of atmospheric convection with an energy-consistent plume model 
1 27/09/2022
2 04/10/2022 Alanna Power
Modelling convective turbulence in shallow cumulus convection
3 11/10/2022 Bring a plot
4 18/10/2022 Sue Gray
Characterization of sting jet cyclones in Met Office operational global ensemble forecasts
5 25/10/2022
6 01/11/2022 Brian Lo
Can we see ZDR columns inside storms within the Unified Model?
7 08/11/2022 Adam Gainford
Large Scale Blending: a new assimilation scheme to improve forecast initiation in UKV and MOGREPS-UK
8 15/11/2022 Isabel Smith
Upper-level atmospheric turbulence projected changes in CMIP6 HighResMIP global climate models
9 22/11/2022 Hannah Croad
A modified cyclone phase space for Arctic cyclones
10 29/11/2022 Riccardo Henin, Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change (CMCC) Italy
Assigning precipitation to atmospheric fronts
10.5 02/12/2022 Vinod Kumar, Bureau of Meteorology Australia (joint meeting with Urban-Met)
Urban-scale modeling for the Paris Olympics research demonstration project
11 06/12/2022 1st year presentations part 1
Vibha Selvaratnam and Doug Wood
Summer 2022
Week Date Speakers
1 19 April 2022
2 26 April 2022 Bring a Plot
3 3 May 2022 Hannah Croad
Boundary Layer Processes in Summer-time Arctic Cyclones
4 10 May 2022
5 17 May 2022 Charlie Suitters, Emanuele Gentile, Brian Lo, Isabel Smith
Pre-EGU meeting
6 24 May 2022 ***No Meeting***
EGU 2022
7 31 May 2022 Ambrogio Volonte
An example of research flight planning
8 7 June 2022
9 14 June 2022 Shammi Akhter

High-resolution Global Climate Model simulations of Tropical Cyclones in the Bay of Bengal

Spring 2022

Week Date Speakers
1 11 Jan 2022 Dan Shipley
Capturing convective initiation with multi-fluid models: lessons from linear instability
2 18 Jan 2022 Brian Lo
Identification of ZDR Columns for early detection of severe convection
3 25 Jan 2022 Bring-a-thing or plot
4 1 Feb 2022 Bob Plant
Organized Spatial Patterns
5 8 Feb 2022 –Open to speakers–
6 15 Feb 2022 Emanuele Gentile
On the predictability of Ianos: a hurricane in the Mediterranean
7 22 Feb 2022 Athul Rasheeda Satheesh
How coherent is rainfall in northern tropical Africa in time and space – and why?
8 1 Mar 2022 **No Meeting**
Quo Vadis 2022
9 8 Mar 2022 Oscar Martinez-Alvarado
Weather patterns over Southeast Asia: definition, relationship with high-impact weather and applications on sub-seasonal forecasting
10 15 Mar 2022 Iliana Polychroni and Sophie Cuckow
“Combined extreme climate indices over the Mediterranean region. Variability and trends analysis” and “The contribution of moisture in the pre-extratropical cyclone environment to precipitation”
11 22 Mar 2022 Miguel Teixeira
The importance of weak dissipation for the drag exerted by trapped lee waves on the atmospheric flow
12 29 Mar 2022 Humphrey Lean
100m scale modelling: plans and challenges
Autumn 2021


Week Date Speakers
2 5 Oct 2021 Aurore Porson
Part 1: Overview of ensemble research at the Met Office with MOGREPS-UK. Part 2: A few words about the latest summer UK testbed
3 12 Oct 2021 James Fallon
GB Industry Electricity use in Extreme Weather: Understanding impacts & solutions
4 19 Oct 2021 Lea Eisenstein
Towards an objective identification of high-wind features within extratropical cyclones
5 26 Oct 2021 George Varlas
Simulating air-sea interaction with a coupled modelling system: operation aspects and applications on cyclones
6 2 Nov 2021 Kris Boykin
An upcoming testbed
7 9 Nov 2021 Elliott Sainsbury
Why do some recurving North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones impact Europe
8 16 Nov 2021 Helen Dacre
Extratropical cyclone induced sea surface temperature anomalies
9 23 Nov 2021 Shammi Akhter
Tropical cyclone over the Bay of Bengal in PRIMaVERA climate models
10 30 Nov 2021 First Year PhD Students
Introduction to projects
11 7 Dec 2021 Jake Bland
Understanding near-tropopause biases in forecasts
12 14 Dec 2012 Christmas Social
Summer 2021


Week Date Speakers
2 4 May 2021 Carlo Cafaro
How to evaluate novel convection-permitting ensembles for forecasting convection in Tropical East Africa
3 11 May 2021 Ambrogio Volonte’
The development of Arctic summer cyclones in model simulations (IFS vs MetUM runs): a pre- field campaign case study
4 18 May 2021 John Methven
Exploring the dynamics of the Borneo vortex
5 25 May 2021 Remi Tailleux
Available potential energy and stability in stratified fluids
6 1 June 2021 Alanna Power
Turbulence in the Grey Zone
7 8 June 2021 Stavros Dafis
The convective evolution of Mediterranean Tropical-Like Cyclones (medicanes)
8 15 June 2021 Victoria Sinclair
Relationship between precipitation and extra-tropical cyclone intensity and structure now and in the future
9 22 June 2021 **Cancelled**
10 29 June 2021 Bring a thing, or paper!
Discussion of current work in the group
11 6 July 2021 Sophie Cuckow and Charlie Suitters
“The relative local and non-local sources of moisture for extratropical cyclone precipitation” and  “Comparing Different Methods for Detecting Atmospheric Blocking”
Spring 2021


Week Date Speakers
2 19 Jan 2021 Bring-a-thing
Discussion of current work in the group
3 26 Jan 2021 **Cancelled**
4 2 Feb 2021 Elliott Sainsbury
How important are post-tropical cyclones for European wind and precipitation risk?
5 9 Feb 2021 Bring-a-thing 2
For things there was no time for on the 19th
6 16 Feb 2021 No Meeting: Enhancement Week
7 23 Feb 2021 Florian Pantillon
High-resolution simulations of extratropical cyclones
8 2 Mar 2021 Oscar Martinez-Alvarado
Recent and current research on sting jets: Operational forecasts and high-resolution global modelling
9 9 Mar 2021 Natalie Harvey
To fly or not to fly? Improving volcanic ash forecasts for aviation.
10 16 Mar 2021 Peter Clark
What is a `TKE‘ turbulence or boundary-layer scheme?
11 23 Mar 2021 Shammi Akhter
Controls on the Genesis and Intensity of Tropical Cyclones in the Bay of Bengal
Autumn 2020


Week Date Speakers
1 6 Oct 2020 What are you working on at the moment?
Discussion of current work in the group
2 13 Oct 2020 Dan Shipley
Multi-fluid parametrisation of convection: a simple two-fluid single-column model
3 20 Oct 2020 Helen Dacre
Where, when and why do extratropical cyclones cluster?
4 27 Oct 2020 Jake Bland
Temperature biases in the extratropical lower stratosphere
5 3 Nov 2020 No Meeting: Visiting Scientist week
6 10 Nov 2020 Emanuele Gentile
The impact of atmosphere-ocean-wave coupling on extreme surface wind forecasts
7 17 Nov 2020 Godwin Ayesiga
The representation of intra-equatorial Africa precipitation and Kelvin waves in CP4A
8 24 Nov 2020 Bob Plant
Dynamic Smagorinsky and Blending in the Grey Zone of the Evolving Dry Convective Boundary Layer
9 1 Dec 2020 Sophie Cuckow
Characterising Low-Level, Moist Airflows associated with Extratropical Cyclones
10 8 Dec 2020 Sue Gray
The role of tropopause polar vortices in the intensification of Summer Arctic cyclones
11 15 Dec 2020 First Year PhD Students
Summer 2020
Week Date Speakers
1 21 Apr 2020 Jian-Feng Gu
Evaluation of bulk mass flux formulation using large eddy simulations
2 28 Apr 2020 Bring a Plot!
Any plot you like!
3 5 May 2020 No Meeting
The week of EGU 2020 online
4 12 May 2020 **Cancelled**
5 19 May 2020 What are you working on at the moment?
Discussion of current work in the group
6 26 May 2020 Chimene Daleu
Characterising Convective Schemes by their Linearized Responses
Ambrogio Volonte
Dynamics of East Asian Summer Monsoon in MetUM hi-res simulations
7 2 Jun 2020 Carol Halliwell & Kirsty Hanley
Modelling turbulence in the UM:  Is a 3DTKE scheme the answer in the turbulence grey-zone?
8 9 Jun 2020 Thorwald Stein
Weather radars and mesoscale meteorology – Why? Where? What? How?
10 23 Jun 2020 Emanuele Gentile
Neighbourhood and object-oriented verification of convection-permitting atmosphere-ocean-wave coupled extreme wind forecasts
12 7 Jul 2020 Will McIntyre
A summary of atmospheric instabilities
13 14 Jul 2020 Sol Sanders-Farmer
How Well Can Boundary Layer Stability be Estimated by Sunrise and Sunset Times?
14 21 Jul 2020 Humphrey Lean
Very high resolution modelling of the effects of wave motion on measurements of the depth of an urban boundary layer
17 11 Aug 2020 Clément Bezier
How do Atmospheric Motion Vectors affect ash dispersion forecast ? – a case study : the 2019 Raikoke Eruption
Spring 2020
Week Date Speakers
2 21 Jan 2020 Alec Vessey
The Risk of Storms to Arctic Shipping Activities
3 28 Jan 2020 Kieran Pope
Interaction Between Radiation and Convective Organisation
4 4 Feb 2020 Dominic Jones
Relaxception: aiming for a wind field by relaxing to a temperature field derived from another wind field. (What could go wrong?)
5 11 Feb 2020 Bring a Plot  **1L61 this week**
Bring a plot, or a question!
6 18 Feb 2020 Kaja Milczewska
Relating errors in O3 and NO2 forecasts with 10m wind errors, using a probabilistic, neighborhood verification approach on a deterministic air quality forecast
Oscar Martinez-Alvarado
A prototype real-time sting jet precursor tool for forecasters
7 25 Feb 2020 Ben Harvey
Revisiting the isentropic view of PV modification in warm conveyor belts
8 3 Mar 2020 Nigel Roberts
When is a shower a shower?
9 10 Mar 2020 Mark Muetzelfeldt
Evaluation of precipitation in high-resolution GCMs over Asia at different spatial scales
10 17 Mar 2020 **Cancelled**
11 24 Mar 2020 Liam Till
Tracking thermals in deep convection
Kris Boykin
Extracting likely scenarios from high resolution forecasts in real-time
12 31 Mar 2020 Miguel Teixeira
The structure of turbulence over complex terrain: lessons from the oceanic boundary layer
Autumn 2019
Week Date Speakers
3 15 Oct 2019 Michael Johnston
The cloud trail system
4 22 Oct 2019 Helen Dacre
A review of extratropical cyclones: Observations and conceptual models over the past 100 years
5 29 Oct 2019 Bring a plot
6 5 Nov 2019 Daniel Shipley
Multi-fluid modelling of Rayleigh-Bénard convection
7 12 Nov 2019 Emanuele Gentile
The impact of atmosphere, wave, and ocean coupling on extreme surface wind forecasts
8 19 Nov 2019 Will McIntyre
The many ways of parameterising convection
9 26 Nov 2019 Steven Woolnough
The impact of equatorial waves on precipitation in SE Asia
10 3 Dec 2019 Natalie Harvey
To fly or not to fly? Improving volcanic ash forecasts for aviation
11 10 Dec 2019 First year PhD introductions
Summer 2019
Week Date Speakers
1 23 Apr 2019 Jian-Feng Gu
Intensification variability of tropical cyclones in directional shear flows
2 30 Apr 2019
Matt Priestley
Secondary Cyclones and Cyclone families across the North Atlantic and Europe
3 7 May 2019 None
4 14 May 2019 Will McIntyre
Modelling grey-zone dry convection with the multi-fluid model
5 21 May 2019 None
6 28 May 2019 Visiting Scientist Intros from PhDs 
Dr. Cecilia Bitz is visiting from University of Washington, short introduction presentations from PhD group members
7 4 Jun 2019 Bring a Plot
8 11 Jun 2019 Natalie Theeuwes
London’s boundary layer and cloud cover
*CANCELLED* 25 Jun 2019 Victoria Sinclair (Visiting scientist from the University of Helsinki)
Spring 2019
Week Date Speakers
1 15 Jan 2019 Bring-a-Plot! (rm 1L43)
2 22 Jan 2019 Will McIntyre
Numerical treatment of transfer terms in multi-fluid convection modelling
3 29 Jan 2019 Oscar Martinez-Alvarado
Numerical weather prediction and wind power resource assessment in Mexico
4 5 Feb 2019 Michael Johnston
An exploratory analysis of an idealised island convection simulation
5 12 Feb 2019 Mark Muetzelfeldt
Effects of sheared environments on cloud fields in idealized models
6 19 Feb 2019 Enhancement week
7 26 Feb 2019 Kirsty Hanley
Convection in the 300 m London model
8 5 Mar 2019 Peter Clark
Trajectories in convective clouds
9 12 Mar 2019 James Gilmore (rm 1L43)
Cloud Electrification Measured In Situ
10 19 Mar 2019 To Be Determined
Autumn 2018
Week Date Speakers
1 02 Oct 2018 Lewis Blunn
High-resolution modelling of the boundary layer and implications for urban air-quality forecasting
2 09 Oct 2018 Bethan Harris
Local Energy Budgets for an Idealised Tropical Cyclone
3 16 Oct 2018 Will McIntyre
Stability analysis of the multi-fluid equations for convection
4 23 Oct 2018 No talk
5 30 Oct 2018 Bring-a-Plot session
6 06 Nov 2018 Kaja Milczewska
The influence of meteorology on the forecast of surface ozone concentrations
Michael Johnston
Designing a reference simulation for a cloud trail
7 13 Nov 2018 No talk
8 20 Nov 2018 Dan Shipley
Work towards a multi-fluid approach to modelling convection
Xin Xu – Visiting scientist from Nanjing University, China
9 27 Nov 2018 Ambrogio Volonté
The interaction between dry air intrusion and moist low-level flow and their influence on the progression of the 2016 summer monsoon in NW India
Miguel Teixeira
Mountain wave breaking due to directional wind shear in hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic flow
10 04 Dec 2018 Oscar Martínez-Alvarado
Tracking atmospheric blocking
Thorwald Stein
Convection initiation and storm evolution in WCSSP South Africa and a comparison with the UK
11 11 Dec 2018 First Year PhD Students
Introduction to 1st Year Projects and Christmas Mixer

Summer 2018

Week Date Speakers
1 17 Apr 2018


Eduardo Ramos (Visiting Scientist from the Institute of Renewable Energy, National University of Mexico)
Natural convection in cylindrical containers
15:00 Harald Richter (Visiting Scientist from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology)
New developments in the Bureau’s thunderstorm prediction system & impact-based forecasting in the coastal zone: east coast lows
2 24 Apr 2018 Michael Johnston
Can the idealised UM simulate cloud trails?
3 1 May 2018 No Talk
4 8 May 2018 Helen Dacre
3 Alternative Ways to View Cyclone Moisture Fluxes
5 15 May 2018 Chris Holloway
How cold pools can shake up (and even break up) convective organization (Same as in Tropical Hour)
6 22 May 2018 Sue Gray
The downstream impact of mesoscale convective systems
7 29 May 2018 No Talk
8 5 Jun 2018 Emma Knowland (Visiting Scientist from NASA)
Stratospheric Intrusion Catalog: A 10-year Compilation of Events Identified by using an Objective Feature Tracking Model with NASA’s MERRA-2 Reanalysis

Spring 2018

Week Date Speakers
1 9 Jan 2018 No talk
2 16 Jan 2018 Dan Shipley
Mathematical techniques for atmospheric convection to improve severe weather prediction
3 23 Jan 2018 Michael Johnston
Parallels between lake effect snow and island convection
4 30 Jan 2018 David Flack
The influence of stochastic boundary layer perturbations on the forecast for Coverack
5 6 Feb 2018 Manos Flaounas (Visiting Scientist)
Medicanes as subtropical cyclones: the December 2005 case from the perspective of surface pressure tendency diagnostics and atmospheric water budget.
6 13 Feb 2018 Enhancement week
7 20 Feb 2018 No Talk
8 27 Feb 2018 Arathy Menon
2016 Indian Monsoon onset and progression in field campaign observations and a 4km model.
9 6 Mar 2018 Will McIntyre
On the path to modelling convection with conditional averaging
**NOTE** The above meeting will take place in Meteorology Building, Room 1L43
10 13 Mar 2018 Ryan Williams
Tropospheric Ozone (O3): Seasonal and Geographical Variability, Stratospheric Influence and Recent Trends
**NOTE** The above meeting will take place in Meteorology Building, Room 1L61
11 20 Mar 2018 Mark Muetzelfeldt
Clustering wind profiles to identify shear conditions in climate models

Autumn 2017

Week Date Speakers
1 26 Sep 2017 Luc Gerard (Visiting from Belgium Met Service)
Modelling deep convection in kilometre-scale grid meshes
2 3 Oct 2017 Michael Johnston
Environments that support cloud trails at Bermuda
3 10 Oct 2017 Will McIntyre
The numerical difficulties of advecting moisture for cloud modelling
4 17 Oct 2017 James Shaw
Numerical advection of chemical species
5 24 Oct 2017 Humphrey Lean
Representation of the convective boundary layer over London with O(100m) versions of the Unified Model
6 31 Oct 2017 Enhancement Week
No Meeting Planned
7 7 Nov 2017 David Flack
Convective-scale perturbation growth from a stochastic boundary layer parametrization
8 14 Nov 2017 Kaja Milczewska
Improving the accuracy of air quality forecasts
9 21 Nov 2017 Helene Bresson
Polar lows and the North Atlantic climate system
James Gilmore
Electric field measurements during convective clouds at Chilbolton
10 28 Nov 2017 Ambrogio Volonte
Idealised simulations of sting jets in extratropical cyclones
**NOTE** The above meeting will take place in Meteorology Building, Room 1L61
11 5 Dec 2017 Matt Priestley
How important is clustering in 1000 year windstorm events?
12 12 Dec 2017 First-year PhD Students
Introduction to 1st Year Projects

Summer 2017

Week Date Speaker Title
1 25-April-2017 Ben Harvey ‘How is negative PV created in warm conveyor belts?’
2 2-May-2017 Thorwald Stein ‘Further tales of DYMECS’
3 9-May-2017 Session with PhD visiting scientist Tapio Schneider (CalTech) Ben Courtier :”Cloud Electrification in Convective Storms”
Holly Turner: “Assessing the impacts of vertical wind shear on gravity wave drag”
Ambrogio Volonté: “Dynamics of Sting Jets: key challenges and contributions from the ‘Reading group'”.
4 16-May-2017 Julia Curio ‘Climatology of Tibetan Plateau vortices in reanalysis data and a high resolution model simulation’
5 23-May-2017 Manos Flaounas (National Observatory of Athens) ‘Mediterranean cyclones: climatological aspects and dynamics’
6 30-May-2017 Bring-a-plot/discussion session /
7 6-June-2017 Alex Baker ‘Resolution sensitivity of the Mediterranean winter precipitation response to RCP8.5 in HadGEM3’
8 13-June-2017 Michael Johnston & Bethan Harris /

Spring 2017

Week Date Speaker Title
1 10-January-2017 No session /
2 17-January-2017 Leo Saffin ‘Maintaining tropopause sharpness in NWP models’
3 24-January-2017 Nigel Roberts ‘Developments with the Fractions Skill Score’
4 31-January-2017 Bring-a-plot/discussion session /
5 7-February-2017 (1L43) Miguel Teixeira ‘Theory and experiments of 3D trapped lee waves’
6 14-February-2017 Chris Holloway ‘Observing convective aggregation’
7 21-February-2017 Ambrogio Volonte ‘Importance of model resolution in resolving sting jets’
8 28-February-2017 Juwon Kim ‘The impact of aerosols on cloud microphysics and dynamics in deep convective clouds over the UK’
9 7-March-2017 Jacob Maddison & Matt Feist ‘Factors controlling forecasts of atmospheric blocking’
‘Measuring convective storm turbulence with radar for model evaluation’
10 14-March-2017 Bring-a-plot/discussion session /
11 21-March-2017 Bob Plant /

Autumn 2016

Week Date Speaker Title
1 27-September-2016 Introduction/discussion session /
2 4-October-2016 Kirsty Hanley & Carol Halliwell ‘Convection in the UKV’
3 11-October-2016 James Gilmore & Holly Turner ‘The Effects of Charged Precipitation on the Local Electric Circuit’
‘Developing a Global Field of Richardson Number’
4 18-October-2016 Session with Veronique Ducrocq (CRNM)
Talks from Humphrey Lean, Jacob Maddison & David Flack
‘Mesoscale modelling Research in the Met Office@Reading’
‘Forecasting blocking in the Northern Hemisphere Winter’
‘Convetive-scale perturbation growth in different convective regimes’
5 25-October-2016 Sue Gray ‘North Atlantic storm driving of extreme wave heights’
6 1-November-2016 Peter Clark ‘Stochastic Convective boundary-layer parametrizations in the MetUM’
7 8-November-2016 Oscar Martinez-Alvarado ‘(Partial) Review of diabatic processes and Rossby waves’
8 15-November-2016 Mark Muetzelfeldt ‘Heat and Moisture Budgets in Radiative-Convective Equilibrium Experiments’
9 22-November-2016 Helen Dacre ‘Using trajectories to determine predictability limits’
10 29-November-2016 Helene Bresson & Matthew Priestley ‘Applying an objective Polar low identification scheme to two high-resolution reanalyses’
‘Cyclone clustering in ERA-Interim’
11 6-December-2016 Discussion/Bring-a-plot session /
12 13-December-2016 First year PhD students: Kaja Milczewska, Bethan Harris, Ryan Williams, Ben Courtier, William Mcintyre & Michael Johnston /

Summer 2016

Week Date Speaker Title
1 19-April-2016 (2pm – GU10) / /
2 26-April-2016 (2pm – GU10) Jonathan Chuen Chung Chui Convective parameterization in the grey zone
3 3-May-2016 (2pm – GU01) Oscar Martinez-Alvarado How well are probability distribution functions predicted by ensemble prediction systems?
4 10-May-2016 (2pm – GU01) Ambrogio Volonte Mechanisms generating mesoscale instability along a Sting Jet (Windstorm Tini)
5 17-May-2016 Chris Webber ‘Climate impacts on hazardous UK PM10 exposure’
6 24-May-2016 Juwon Kim ‘The role of turbulent mixing on clouds’
7 31-May-2016 Carly Wright ‘The generation of rainbands downwind of mountains’
8 7-June-2016 (3pm – 1L61) PhD visiting scientist (Richard Rotunno): Carly Wright, Ambrogio Volonte & Leo Saffin ‘Generation of downwind rainbands’
‘Sting jets in extra-tropcila cyclones: generated by mesoscale instabilities?’
‘Systematic effects in NWP’

Spring 2016

Week Date Speaker Title
1 12-Jan-2016 / /
2 19-Jan-2016 Seonaid Dey Characterising spatial precipitation characteristics for Summer 2013
3 26-Jan-2016 Reinhard Schiemann The resolution sensitivity of northern hemisphere blocking in four 25-km atmospheric global circulation models
4 2-Feb-2016 / /
5 9-Feb-2016 James Shaw Curl-free pressure gradients for accurate modelling of cold air pools
6 16-Feb-2016 (2pm – 1L43) Juwon Kim /
7 23-Feb-2016 Fadzil Mohd Nor /
8 1-Mar-2016 Shun-ichi Watanabe (University of Tokio) A comprehensive study on the characteristics of the polar mesocyclone over the Sea of Japan
9 8-Mar-2016 Miguel Teixeira /
10 15-Mar-2016 Carly Wright /

Autumn 2015

Week Date Speaker Title
1 29-Sep-2015 (3pm – 1L61) Neil Hart Estimating the climatological risk of sting-jet windstorms
2 06-Oct-2015 / /
3 13-Oct-2015 (3pm – 1L61) Chris Holloway Convective aggregation processes
4 20-Oct-2015 (2pm – 1L43) David Flack Model Physics Perturbation Growth in Different Regimes
5 27-Oct-2015 (3pm – 1L43) Bring-a-plot session /
6 03-Nov-2015 (2pm – 1L43) Sue Gray and Peter Clark Observation and modeling of weather-related effects induced by March 2015 eclipse
7 10-Nov-2015 Open Discussion
8 17-Nov-2015 Mini-conference with Beth Ebert: short presentation by group members and final discussion Helen Dacre: Assessing the accuracy of volcanic ash simulations?
Kirsty Hanley: Representation of convection in high resolution versions of the UM
Oscar Martinez-Alvarado: Large-scale forecast errors: can we learn anything from them?
9 24-Nov-2015 Leo Saffin PV Tracers
10 01-Dec-2015 Benoit Vanniere (Imperial College, London) The role of the cold sector of extratropical cyclones in setting atmospheric mean state features of the Gulf Stream basin
11 08-Dec-2015 Presentations from new PhD students

Summer 2015

Week Date Speaker Title
1 21-April-2015 Bring-a-plot session \
2 28-April-2015 (GU10) Carol Halliwell & Kirsty Hanley Representing convection in high resolution versions of the UM
3 05-May-2015 (GU10) Nigel Roberts Diagnosing the pressure pattern
4 12-May-2015 Tim Hewson (ECMWF) Windstorms, Freezing Rain, and Sub-grid Rainstorms – an overview of some recent work at ECMWF related to Severe Weather
5 19-May-2015 (GU10) Bob Plant An alternative perspective on some Cascade data
6 26-May-2015 Ben Harvey Using observations and theory to evaluate model convergence at fronts
7 02-Jun-2015 Oscar Martinez-Alvarado Contrasting PV features in two summer extratropical cyclones
8 09-Jun-2015 Neil Hart Instabilities associated with sting jet descents in three explosively-developing windstorms

Autumn 2014

Week Date Speaker Title
1 28-September
2 07-October (Gu10) David Hooper Mesoscale measurements of wind and atmospheric structure using the NERC MST Radar
3 14-October Oscar Martinez-Alvarado
4 21-October (Gu10) Leo Saffin
5 28-October (Gu10) Peter Clark and Neil Hart Python
6 04-November
7 11-November
8 18-November Ambrogio Volonte Investigation of Sting Jet presence in storm Tini
9 25-November David Flack Characterising the Convective Adjustment Timescale over the UK
10 02-December Carly Wright The Generation of Downwind Rainbands by Mountains
11 09-December 1st Year PhD Students Introduction

Summer 2014

Week Date Speaker Title
1 29-April-2014
2 06-May-2014 (1L43)
3 13-May-2013 (1L43)
4 20-May-2014 (Gu01) Victoria Sinclair A winter-time climatology of low-level jets in the northern polar regions
5 27-May-2014 Kirsty Hanley UM simulations of the Moore tornado
6 03-Jun-2014 Seonaid Dey Spatial ensemble characterisation for summer convective cases
7 10-Jun-2014 Matt Hawcroft Latent heating in extratropical cyclones in HiGEM, ERA-Interim and remote sensing data
8 17-Jun-2014 (1L43) Sam Clark Multi-scale MetUM simulations of a mesoscale convective system: A case study
9 24-Jun-2014 David Flack The Appropriate Use of a Convective Adjustment Timescale to Distinguish Between Regimes of Predictability
10 1-Jul-2014 (Gu10) Neil Hart On automating Lagragian-based analysis of extratropical cyclones

Spring 2014

Week Date Speaker Title
1 14-Jan-2014 -Rob Warren -Idealised numerical simulations of the sea breeze system over a peninsula
2 21-Jan-2014 TBC TBC
3 28-Jan-2014 Nigel Roberts An assessment of spatially post-processed probability forecasts from the MOGREPS-UK ensemble and the UKV model
4 04-Feb-2014 Jill Chamberlain High-resolution modelling of tropical cyclones
5 11-Feb-2014 TBC TBC
6 18-Feb-2014 Neil Hart Automating air stream identification in extratropical cyclones
7 25-Feb-2014 Bob Plant Simple models for prognostic convection
8 04-Mar-2014 Ruari Rhodes Can reanalysis represent extreme precipitation over England and Wales
9 11-Mar-2014 Chris Hollaway Convective aggregation in observations and models
10 18-Mar-2014

Autumn 2013

Week Date Speaker Title
1 8-Oct-2013 Chris Weijenborg Organisation of Potential Vorticity during severe convection
2 15-Oct-2013 Oscar Martinez-Alvarado Implications of model error for numerical weather and climate prediction
3 22-Oct-2013 Neil Hart TBC
4 29-Oct-2013 Seonaid Dey TBC
5 5-Nov-2013 Kirsty Hanley High resolution COPE simulations
6 12-Nov-2013 Helen Dacre TBC
7 19-Nov-2013 All Bring a plot
8 26-Nov-2013 Miguel Teixeira Theory and lab measurements of gravity wave drag caused by an inversion
9 3-Dec-2013 Peter Clark Some toy problems for stochastic parametrisation
10 10-Dec-2013 First year PhD students Introductions

Summer 2013

Week Date Speaker Title
1 23-Apr-2013
2 30-Apr-2013 Sue Gray Model forecast error in upper-level ridge structure
3 7-May-2013 Robert Warren A numerical investigation of the effects of dry air aloft on deep convection (2010) by Richard P. James and Paul M. Markowski
4 14-May-2013 Jeff Chagnon TBC
5 21-May-2013 Nigel Roberts TBC
6 28-May-2013 Ross Bannister TBC
7 4-Jun-2013 Kirsty McBeath (Met Office) TBC
8 11-Jun-2013 Bob Plant TBC
9 18-Jun-2013 Oscar Martinez-Alvarado Contrasting the concepts ‘atmospheric river’ and ‘warm conveyor belt’: Are they synonyms?
10 25-Jun-2013 Sam Clarke TBC

Spring 2013

Week Date Speaker Title
1 15-Jan-2013 All Bring a plot session
2 22-Jan-2013 Andrew Barrett Synoptic versus orographic control on stationary convective banding.
3 29-Jan-2013
4 05-Feb-2013 Robert Warren Hazardous Weather lecture practise: Supercells and tornadoes
5 12-Feb-2013 Kirsty Hanley High resolution simulations of convective storms
6 19-Feb-2013 Neil Hart 4-D visualisation made easy with IDV: Virtual flight through a sting jet
7 26-Feb-2013 Pete Clark Turbulence parametrization in convective clouds: what is the resolution of a model?
8 05-Mar-2013 Gabriele Messori (Imperial College) The sporadic nature of atmospheric heat transport
9 12-Mar-2013 Helen Dacre What happens when cyclones cross the jet stream?
10 19-Mar-2013 Neil Hart & Mike Wong TBC

Autumn 2012

Week Date Speaker Title
1 09-Oct-2012 Miguel Teixeira Mountain waves, Oceanic Turbulence 1L61
2 16-Oct-2012 Matt Hawcroft Precipitation in the ECMWF dataset and teaching in Afghanistan 1L61
3 23-Oct-2012 All Introductions GU10
4 30-Oct-2012 Jeff Chagnon Diabatic potential vorticity in extratropical cyclones 1L61
5 08-Nov-2012 (Thursday 11am) Oscar Martínez-Alvarado Diabatic Processes and Extratropical Cyclones GU10
6 13-Nov-2012 Mike Glinton Conditional Symmetric Instability: Are global scale models missing something ? 1L61
7 20-Nov-2012 Michael Reeder (Monash University, Australia) The Meteorology of Catastrophic Wildfires over Southeastern Australia. 1L61
8 27-Nov-2012 Agnieszka Mega and Ruari Rhodes Environmental precursors of sting jet storms and Changes in long term variability in the rains of Sudan 1L61
9 04-Dec-2012 1L61
10 11-Dec-2012 1L61

Summer 2012

Week Date Speaker Title
1 24-Apr-2012
3 pm
Emilie Carter Progress on representing convection at various high horizontal resolutions in the U
2 01-May-2012
3 08-May-2012 David McNamara Boundary Layer Ventilation of Mid Latitude Cyclones
4 15-May-2012 Mike Glinton Conditional symmetric instability, precipitation and strong surface winds
5 22-May-2012 Masami Narita Characteristics of different cloud microphysics schemes in the Met Office 1.5-km Unified Model for a typhoon and winter snow cases over Japan
6 29-May-2012 Matt Hawcroft Latent heat in Extratropical Cyclones in a high resolution climate model, reanalysis and remote sensing
7 05-Jun-2012 Bank holiday
8 12-Jun-2012 Cimene Daleu Modelling the interactions between tropical convection and large scale dynamics
9 19-Jun-2012 Oscar Martínez-Alvarado TBC
10 26-Jun-2012 Laura Baker TBC

Spring 2011

Week Date Speaker Title
1 18-Jan-2011 Bring-A-Plot session
2 25-Jan-2011 Oscar Martínez-Alvarado Discussion: Frequency and distribution of sting jets in intense winter North-Atlantic cyclones
3 01-Feb-2011 Sue Gray Challenges in mesoscale meteorology
4 Monday 07-Feb-2011 Michael Glinton Discussion on Linstrom and Nordeng (1992)
5 15-Feb-2011 Chimene Daleu Modelling the Interactions between Tropical Convection and Large-scale Dynamics
6 22-Feb-2011 Dan Kirshbaum Further results on trade-wind convection over tropical islands
7 01-Mar-2011 Kirsty Hanley Ensemble simulations of a squall line during COPS: verification and mechanisms
8 08-Mar-2011 Dirk Cannon A scaling of orographic precipitation, for both stratiform and convective clouds
9 15-Mar-2011 Jeffrey Chagnon What controls the emergence of time and space scales in fields of convection?
10 22-Mar-2011 Helen Dacre

Autumn 2010

Week Date Speaker Title
1 11-Oct-2010 No meeting
2 18-Oct-2010 Bring-A-Plot session
3 25-Oct-2010 No meeting
4 01-Nov-2010 Oscar Martínez-Alvarado A first look into a contingency table for sting jets
5 08-Nov-2010 No meeting
6 15-Nov-2010 Jeffrey Chagnon A pre-frontal surge wave: Case study analysis and idealised simulation
7 22-Nov-2010 Emilie Carter COLPEX: Cold Air Pooling Experiment.
8 29-Nov-2010 Emma Irvine Aviation, weather and contrails
9 06-Dec-2010 Carol Halliwell Assessing the available options for subgrid-scale mixing in the UM using the Idealised UM
10 13-Dec-2010 TBC TBC

Autumn 2009

Week Date Speaker Title
1 05-Oct-2009 Everybody Bring-A-Plot session
2 12-Oct-2009 Nigel Roberts Downscaling a 1.5km ensemble – First case study
3 19-Oct-2009 Helen Dacre Can SAL be used to validate air quality forecasts?
4 26-Oct-2009 Giovanni Leoncini Ensemble simulations for the Boscastle flood: perturbations, physics and convergence lines
5 02-Nov-2009 Emma Irvine Why does targeted observing (sometimes) fail? Experiments using synthetic targeted observations containing a baroclinic structure.
6 09-Nov-2009 Kirsty Hanley High resolution ensemble simulations of an isolated convective storm during COPS.
7 16-Nov-2009 Aymeric Spiga (Open University) Mesoscale and microscale meteorology on Mars.
8 23-Nov-2009 Humphrey Lean & Daniel Kirshbaum Orographic precipitation and the seeder-feeder mechanism.
9 30-Nov-2009 Jeffrey Chagnon Thorpex – North Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream impacts Experiment (T-NAWDEx): Some preliminary ideas and a pilot study
10 07-Dec-2009 Carol Halliwell Part I: Subgrid-scale mixing in the UM – where we are now… Part II: The Idealised UM and why you would want to use it!

Autumn 2008

Week Date Speaker Title
1 07-Oct-2008 (bring a plot session) TBA
2 14-Oct-2008 Sue Gray TBA
3 21-Oct-2008 Jeffrey Chagnon TBA
4 28-Oct-2008 Chris Holloway TBA
5 04-Nov-2008 Victoria Sinclair TBA
6 11-Nov-2008 Michael Ball TBA
7 18-Nov-2008 Richard Keane TBA
8 25-Nov-2008 Emma Irvine TBA
9 02-Dec-2008 Laura Baker TBA
10 09-Dec-2008 Dirk Cannon and Dan Peake TBA