What is the MindWalk challenge?

The MindWalk challenge is mindful walking in nature. We know that walking is good for us in many ways. Time spent in natural surroundings can be beneficial to our health and what’s more there is a great deal of interest in mindfulness and its effects on mood and wellbeing. To make the most of these positives, MindWalk invites you to combine these activities and take in the natural surroundings on your walk and being present in the current moment.

One of the key aspects of MindWalk is walking slowly. We are used to everyday life being fast paced, but MindWalk gives you a chance to slow down and enjoy the environment. Take this time for yourself and make the most of slowing down. This allows for the mindfulness aspect of MindWalk. Walking slowly will make you become more aware of your senses and how the natural environment enhances them.

Walking slowly might feel unnatural at first, but we have a clip of MaxWell the MindWalk tortoise to remind you to slow down. Think of MaxWell and his peaceful stroll when you wonder about the pace your MindWalk should be. Take a look!


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