Publications about PICSA

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Independent Publications about PICSA

Independent Report by Statistics for Sustainable Development (2017) ‘Evaluation of Climate Services Interventions in the GFCS Adaptation Programme for Africa’

Independent Evaluation Unit (2022). Learning-Oriented Real-Time Impact Assessment Programme (LORTA): Impact evaluation report for FP002 – Scaling Up the Use of Modernized Climate Information and Early Warning Systems in Malawi. (April). Songdo, South Korea: Independent Evaluation Unit, Green Climate Fund

Mosso, Clara, Diego Pons, and Cristian Beza-Beza, (2022) A Long Way toward Climate Smart Agriculture: The Importance of Addressing Gender Inequity in the Agricultural Sector of Guatemala. Land 11(8):1268.

Publications about Climate Services

Dorward, P., Clarkson, G., Poskitt, S., Stern, R. (2021) Putting the Farmer at the Centre of Climate Services. One Earth, 4. 1069-1061