What are these resources useful for?

These resources are designed to support the implementation of PICSA by field staff, PICSA trainers, and meteorologists. They include materials outlining the overall PICSA approach and how to prepare for PICSA, as well as specific training materials on the PICSA steps, climate information and implementation.


PICSA Field Manual

The PICSA Manual is a detailed and comprehensive step-by-step guide for using PICSA with farmers. It is primarily for use by agricultural extension staff and staff from non-governmental organisations who work directly with farmers. The manual is available in four different languages: English, Bengali, French, and Spanish, which can all be accessed here.


Resources for PICSA trainers, field staff and meteorologists

These materials are organised according to who they are most useful for. However, anyone that is interested in implementing PICSA is encouraged to familiarise themselves with all aspects of the approach.

Materials for PICSA trainers

Materials for field staff

Materials for meteorologists