About us

Archaeology of the undiscovered first millennium A.D

  • REMADE will be the first UK-wide chemical analysis programme for Roman and Medieval copper alloy artefacts.
  • From the beginning of Roman influence on the indigenous British Iron Age, through the province of Britannia and its relations with the Picts to the north, to the Norman invasion, a wealth of metal objects survive from whole regions that have received no chemical attention. This is a foundational period for the modern British state; however, we know remarkably little about metal’s role in this complex social, economic, and political story.

New understanding of archaeological metals

  • Metal is at the heart of archaeology: it permeated ancient societies, drew together far-flung regions, was central to economies, and opened unique avenues for self-expression.
  • REMADE will use chemical models that move beyond traditional provenance approaches, in order to identify patterns of recycling, mixing, alloying, choice, trade and identity.
  • We will deliver several thousand high quality chemical analyses using a dedicated MP-AES laboratory (Microwave-plasma atomic emission spectrometry).

New links across a complex and disjointed sector

  • The scale and opportunity of this work demands that we also tackle entrenched challenges within the UK heritage sector, which currently prevent collaboration.
  • REMADE will create platforms for training and public engagement, while developing better protocols for collaboration.
  • We will work across modern heritage, particularly focussing on units, small museums, trusts, and private collectors. All of which have been poorly served by laboratory science.

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