Family perspectives on professional advice on heritage language use in the context of communication disability

Our new study is looking into the ways parents/carers and their children with speech, language and communication difficulties use different languages, and parent/carer beliefs about using one or more languages in the home.

Podcast: Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Associated with Persistent Speech Disorder in Children

In a new podcast for the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Dr Emma Pagnamenta and Dr Yvonne Wren discuss their co-authored JCPP Advances paper ‘Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties associated...Read More >

Co-creation of a training toolkit for SLTs to support parents working at home with their children with a speech sound disorder

Speech sound disorders (SSD) are common in childhood and are associated with poorer academic outcomes.

Shared book reading with young children with Down Syndrome

Working with parents to enhance parent-child interaction and child language and communication outcomes.

A combined intervention for word learning difficulties in children with Developmental Language Disorder

Word learning difficulties are a common clinical manifestation of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). Despite not always being the most evident, this can affect a child’s quality of life.

Database of developmental speech, language and communication profiles

Exploring profiles of children with speech, language and communication needs and how they respond to speech and language therapy.


Parent-Delivered Early Language Intervention for Children with Down syndrome: A Randomised Controlled Feasibility Trial


Evaluating an early social communication intervention for young children with Down syndrome: a feasibility study.