Mango is a crop of economic importance in Tamil Nadu, India with cultivation covering 1,327,000 hectares in within this state with a net income of ~$6500 (USD) per hectare per annum. The field site network consisted of 16 sites – the eight control sites having bare ground and eight sites with existing weeds being initially tested as floral interventions (see map below). Due to covid induced restriction other floral interventions could not be tested in the first field season, but we intend to have a second season in early 2022 to test whether the inclusion of sesame as floral interventions can boost pollinator numbers in mango orchards.

Gallery: A few photos from our site network taken before and during our field seasons

Meeting with mango growers
Meet the team - mango orchard
Field researchers making bags for pollination exclusion experiment 2
Bagging Mango infloresence
exclusion experiments on mango2
Pollination exclusion experiments on mango
Weed flora in mango orchards
Mango orchards with weeds
Mango orchards with natural weeds
Mango orchards with bare ground
Hoverfly on weeds in mango orchards
Honeybee on weeds in mango orchards
Field assistants checking weed flora
Blue fly on mango infloresence
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