Next Generation Energy Climate Modelling 2021

Next Generation Challenges in Energy-Climate Modelling 2021

Climate and Energy Systems: Foresight days to decades ahead
A free 2-day online workshop
16th and 17th September 2021: 0600-1000 Denver, 1300-1700 London, 2200-0200 Sydney



Recent years have seen a growing appreciation of the risks posed by climate variability, change and uncertainty in power system operations and planning. There remain, however, many scientific and technical questions to be addressed in order to fully understand climate risk in power systems (e.g., open-access article here, list of links to background resources here).

This year’s NextGenEC topic – “Climate and Energy Systems: Foresight days to decades ahead” – will focus discussion and presentations around 5 overlapping themes:

• Making the most of limited meteorological predictability for energy
• Climate uncertainty and power system planning
• Definition and assessment of weather stress events for energy
• Added value of subseasonal-to-seasonal forecasting for energy
• Renewable energy and research into the developing markets

Participants are invited to present their own research and engage in working group discussions addressing these themes. Further detail regarding the scope of the 5 themes is available here.


Registration for this event closed on Friday 3rd September.


Background information: The NextGenEC workshops bring together an international group of researchers working at the interface between climate science and energy applications. The aim is to stimulate an active and ongoing discussion around the use of both historic and future climate datasets in energy system analysis. Details of the previous NextGenEC workshop are available here.

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