Blog – Groundswell2019

We were at Groundswell2019 on 26th & 27th June 2019!  

We asked people to vote for the top three NFM measures they felt would be most effective in lowland areas.  Voting tokens were colour coded to see how views of different sectors compared: green for farmers, purple for researchers and blue for industry that include advice and supply chain.   We are taking these boxes to various events over the next few years and will report back at the end of the programme on how the different views compared to the research findings from the key projects.  Results below.  See also voting from a recent event aimed at hydrologists.  








NFM measure ‘voting’ boxes.

Farmer Survey

More than 60 farmers helped us with our research by taking part in our survey.









Farmer (right) taking part in survey at our stand at Groundswell2019











The NFM team at the event were, from the University of Reading: Dr Joanna Clark (NFM Programme and Landwise); Dr Angie Elwin (Landwise); Gerard Stewart (NFM Programme); and from the University of Gloucestershire: Kamilla Skaalsveen (Landwise) and Tristan Le Moigne (Landwise).

Link to this website’s Landwise page here, and to Landwise website here.

Kamilla Skaalsveen (Landwise) (right) explaining water infiltration to a visitor at our stand.  And a view of the Groundswell show.

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