Protect-NFM Film

In collaboration with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) we have made a film about the research work being carried out by the Protect-NFM team in the Pennines. The film shows how NERC science is carried out in close collaboration with partners, in particular the Environment Agency and Moors for the Future. It explains how the research has generated quantitative and qualitative sources of evidence to understand NFM measures focused around moorland restoration works and their effectiveness in reducing flood risk for downstream communities.

We plan to make films about the parallel Landwise and Q-NFM research projects when Covid restrictions are eased.

The following NFM webinar recordings explore Protect-NFM’s research in more detail:

20 Aug 2020 Dr Salim Goudarzi & Dr David Milledge, University of Newcastle, Protect-NFM Numerical assessment of the impact of NFM practices in headwater blanket peatlands

16 Jul 2020 Professor Tim Allot & Dr Emma Shuttleworth, University of Manchester, Protect-NFM Peatland catchments and Natural Flood Management

18 Oct 2019 Professor Martin Evans & Dr Emma Shuttleworth, University of Manchester, Protect-NFM Optimising NFM in headwater catchments to protect downstream communities. Moorland restoration, including gully blocking, Sphagnum reintroduction and upland woodland planting

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