Novel Communications Event 18 November 2020

NERC NFM Programme: Novel Communication Event – 18 November 2020

The event recordings, available below comprise a series of ten to fifteen minute presentations from the research team and partners.  The event showcased the breadth of innovative knowledge exchange and science communications being undertaken as part of the natural flood management (NFM) research programme.  This reflects the programme’s practice of engaging with audiences from the outset both to keep them informed and to learn from them to inform the study.  We are continuing to learn how best to do this and the workshop was run to share experiences amongst the researcher team, its partners and more widely.

The presentation topics are diverse, including games design and augmented reality; using actors to engage people with their local environment; nature sketching for children; novel approaches to working with farmers in the UK and Ghana; employing artists to record meeting minutes; and the ‘Bogtastic van’!

Click on the headings below to access the 10-15 minute recordings.

Workshop Introduction – Emma Shuttleworth, University of Manchester – Different types of communication models, drawing out knowledge transfer from knowledge exchange.

Session 1 Public Participation in Science

Phil Haygarth, Lancaster University – Towards NFM by learning and elicitation with stakeholders in partnership

Jo Clark, University of Reading – Engaging partners in NFM research through co-production in the Landwise project

Ali Foxon – Runs Boggy Doodles, helping children and adults discover the power of green sketching for nature connection & wellbeing

Session 2 Games – Online and at Events

Sam Illingworth – Carbon City Zero card game

Jana Wendler – Games designer for Downpour!

Chris Skinner – Augmented reality to illustrate flood risk

Session 3 Communicating and Interacting with Models and Technical Data

Amy Barron, University of Manchester – Creative and participatory methods

Debra Wilson – Moors For the Future – The Bogtastic Van

Matthew Lickiss, University of Reading – Exploratory work on presenting water moisture and crop yield forecasts to farmers

Session 4 Using Art to Communicate

Claire Stringer and Chris Murray – Visual Minutes – live, illustrated record of conferences, events or meetings

Stephen Scott-Bottoms, University of Manchester – Engaging people with the environment through the arts


Summary of the workshop – Stewart Clarke, National Trust

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