BIOME 6000 vegetation reconstructions


This dataset contains BIOME 6000 reconstructions of vegetation at 0, 6, and 21ka at individual sites, where the original published nomenclature for individual regions has been converted to a globally-applicable standardized classification (BIOME 6000 Consolidated Name). Two other standardized classifications are also given: common biome names between BIOME 6000 and the BIOME 4.2 model (BIOME 4.2 BIOME 6000 common names) and the megabiome scheme used by Harrison and Bartlein (2012) (MegaBiome Scheme 2). Additional information to translate BIOME 4.2 outputs into either BIOME 6000 Consolidated Names or BIOME 4.2 BIOME 6000 common names is also given.

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