The China Plant Trait Database Description: Plant functional traits provide information about adaptations to climate and environmental conditions, and can be used to explore the existence of alternative plant strategies…Read More >

Modern pollen data for climate reconstructions, version 1 (SMPDS)   Description:  The dataset contains percentage counts for the 247 most important European pollen taxa from individual modern samples from Europe…Read More >

EMBSeCBIO modern pollen biomisation   Description: The data set contains metadata describing modern pollen samples for the Eastern Mediterranean-Black Sea-Caspian-Corridor region and biome reconstructions made using these data. Observed vegetation…Read More >

SISAL (Speleothem Isotopes Synthesis and AnaLysis Working Group) database Description: Stable isotope records from speleothems provide information on past climate changes, most particularly information that can be used to reconstruct…Read More >

PMIP2 diagnostic for mid-Holocene precipitation over northern Africa   Description: This dataset provides the latitudinal distribution of biomes (reconstructed at individual pollen sites) in northern Africa today and during the…Read More >