Year 3 and Year 4 German (Rot/Gelb)

Here you can find the termly overview of the contexts for learning, the phonics, vocabulary and structures included in each term. Follow the term links (Autumn, Spring, Summer) to get to the lesson resources.

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The full scheme of work is available to download here. The scheme of work will be updated periodically, therefore, please check back regularly to download the most up-to-date version.

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Autumn term

Half-term 1: Describing me and others

Half-term 2: Saying what I and others have

Phonics: the SSC (sound-symbol correspondences) taught this term are: long & short forms of [a] [e] [i] [o] [u]; [ei] & [ie]; [w] [z]; soft & hard [ch]

Vocabulary: greetings, personal pronouns, question words, nouns for people, adjectives to describe things, colours, nouns for possessions, ‘That is not my…’ story

Grammar: sein (singular), subject-verb inversion with questions, definite and indefinite articles (singular, nominative), possessive adjective (singular), negation (nicht + adverb / definite article / possessive adjective), capitalisation of nouns

Spring term

Half-term 1: Talking about things and things to do

Half-term 2: Talking about things and things to do

Phonics: the SSC (sound-symbol correspondences) taught this term are: [ä] [ö] [ü] [au] [eu|äu] [sch] [sp] [st] [s-] [-s-] [ß] [ss] [-s]

Vocabulary: nouns for people and objects, verbs and nouns for activities

Grammar: Negation with ‘kein’, feminine person nouns (+in), ‘haben’ (singular), definite and indefinite articles (singular, accusative), compound nouns, present tense weak verbs (singular), plural noun patterns


Summer term

Half-term 1: Talking about activities and events

Half-term 2: Talking about activities and events

Phonics: the SSC (sound-symbol correspondences) taught this term are: [v] [r] [er-] [-er] [-ig] [-g] [-d] [-b] [-tion] [th]

Vocabulary: days of the week, months of the year, verbs and nouns for activities, describing family members

Grammar: present tense simple versus continuous, negation after verbs with ‘nicht’, two-verb structures with modal verbs, possessive adjectives (accusative)


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