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Access to storage from windows: using OpenText NFS Solo

The OpenText NFS Solo can be used to access a data volumes on Desktop PCs connected to the Local Area Network. It can be used with basic, gold and legacy ‘glusterfs’ volumes, but currently it will not work with silver volumes and Unix home directories. There are Alternatives to using OpenText  which may be more useful.


Install the NFS Client

The software can be installed using the Software Center:

  • In the windows search box (bottom left), type “software center”
  • Open it, select Open Text NFS Solo and install it (see below)

Once the software is installed, the PC will need to be restarted.


Map the Data Volume

The data volume can now be mapped using the “Open Text NFS Network Access” application. The network path you need to use is of the form:


Where <volume> is the name of your project. In the case below it is ‘arise’.


Desktop PCs not on Meteorology Network

Desktop PC that are connected to the University Local Area network on a network other than the Meteorology Network will require a ticket to be raised on the University IT Service Desk portal  ( to grant access.



RACC updates

We have changed the default partition to be the 'limited'. Users submitting jobs longer than 24h need to explicitly request another partition, e.g. 'cluster'. Jobs submitted with time limit exceeding the partition limit will be rejected.   Purchasing RACC nodes owned by projects can  be requested using the Self Service Portal form,  see /
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