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Replacing OpenText NFS

OpenText is and NFS client for windows which allows a member of a project to access the project research storage from a Windows PC. How ever it has a number of restrictions,

  • It only work with the current gold a basic storage
  • The PC need to connected to the University Local Area Network with a IP address registered to the projects research storage
  • It needs to be removed from Windows 7 PCs before they are upgraded to Windows 10

There are a number of alternatives to using OpenText on a Windows PC.

Using Nomachine NX

If you are just viewing files or editing small files then you could use a Virtual desktop in a web browser at https;// (from anywhere) or using the NoMachine client to login to (from on campus or via the VPN). The nomachine client can also be used to transfer files if needed.

Transfer the files using MFT

The Managed File Transfer system allows you to transfer files to and from the project research storage from any system anywhere using a web browser or sftp/scp client.

Transfer the files using nxnode

You can use a SCP/SFTP client to transfer files to and from the project research storage via This is how MFT accesses the research storage  but doing it directly might be faster if you are transfer a lot of files or a number of large files. However it will only work from  a PC connected to the University Local Area Network or VPN. Also nxnodes alternates between a number of servers so you may get a warning from your client that the server has changed.

Using a windows UNC

It is also possible to access the file using a Windows UNC so you can drag and drop files using the Windows File Explorer.   We do not recommend editing the files directly on UNC as the Windows PC does not know about restriction on the research storage which could leave you with an empty file.

Comparison of Research Storage Paths

OpenText NFS Path NX/RACC Path MFT Path Windows UNC
\\\/pool1/gold/</project> /storage/gold/<project> /storage-sftp/gold/<project> \\\research-nfs\gold\<project>
Not Available /storage/silver/<project> /storage-sftp/silver/<project> \\\research-nfs\silver\<project>
\\\/pool1/basic/</project> /storage/basic/<project> /storage-sftp/basic/<project> \\\research-nfs\basic\<project>
\\\/pool4/</project> /storage/basic/<project> /storage-sftp/basic/<project> \\\research-nfs\basic\<project>