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NX Custom Connections

If you just need to run one application on NX and not the whole desktop, then you can use the custom connection. This can be useful if you are having problems with the desktop.

  1. Connect to nx-server via nomachine client.
  2. Choose <New virtual desktop or custom session>.
  3. Choose “Create a new custom session”.
  4. Use mate-terminal in the “Run the following command” (Options: “Run the command in a floating window”).
  5. Click connect.

RACC updates

We have changed the default partition to be the 'limited'. Users submitting jobs longer than 24h need to explicitly request another partition, e.g. 'cluster'. Jobs submitted with time limit exceeding the partition limit will be rejected.   Purchasing RACC nodes owned by projects can  be requested using the Self Service Portal form,  see /
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