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NX Map a drive from the Client

NX can map a disk drive (local disk, network share or USB) from the client running on a windows PC. Before you can do this, you’ll need to create a directory in /tmp on the NX node where your drive can be mapped.

$ mkdir /tmp/NX-$USER
$ chmod 0700 /tmp/NX-$USER

The first line creates the directory and the second changes the permissions of the directory, so only you can read, write and list the directory. This is now done for you when you login to NX.

You should make sure that private connection is selected (it is the default) as public means that anyone on the same node can see and change the shared files.

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This also works with Linux clients but we have not tested it with Apple MACs.

You can also map storage from the server onto your client. This will map the unix file-system to root on your desktop.

The following UNC can be used to access your unix home directory.