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Access the NoMachine software on your PC

The NX Enterprise client can be obtained:


Install nomachine locally on your PC

Met department users can install NoMachine on their Windows PC without requesting admin privileges (see below).

For other users, if you are not admin on your machine, please ask IT help-desk to install it.

If you have admin privileges, you can download it from (Note that the version downloaded from top page does not offer this feature.)

Before installing the new version of NX, you need to logout & disconnect from NX if already running.

For Met department users:

  • This software is available for self-install via the Software Center. From the Windows desktop, click on the start menu and type ‘Software Center’ into the search box, then click on the application.
  • You will be presented with a page of available applications. Click on No Machine Enterprise 6.1.6.
  • You will first need to Uninstall the current version – click ‘Uninstall’. Once this has completed, click ‘Install’ to install the new version.
  • After installation, you will need to reboot your PC.

RACC updates

We have changed the default partition to be the 'limited'. Users submitting jobs longer than 24h need to explicitly request another partition, e.g. 'cluster'. Jobs submitted with time limit exceeding the partition limit will be rejected.   Purchasing RACC nodes owned by projects can  be requested using the Self Service Portal form,  see /
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