The second volume in the CZAP series is now available to order here and for open access download: Matthews, R., Matthews, W., Rasheed Raheem, K. & Richardson, A. (eds). 2020. The Early Neolithic of the Eastern Fertile Crescent: Excavations at Bestansur and Shimshara, Iraqi Kurdistan. CZAP Reports Vol. 2. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

The second volume in the CZAP Report series explores the major developments in the transition from hunting and gathering to more sedentary agricultural lifestyles through the Early Neolithic period, 10,000-7000 BC. This volume includes final reports by the large-scale interdisciplinary team on a wealth of new data from excavations at Bestansur and Shimshara and survey at Zarzi, through application of state-of-the-art scientific techniques, integrated ecological and social approaches and sustainability studies. The volume will be available open access online from September 2020. You can view further data and original records underpinning the excavations here.

Also now available is Matthews, R., Matthews, W., Richardson, A., Raheem, K. R., Walsh, S., Aziz, K. R., Bendrey, R., Whitlam, J., Charles, M., Bogaard, A., Iversen, I., Mudd, D. and Elliott, S. 2019. The early Neolithic of Iraqi Kurdistan: current research at Bestansur, Shahrizor Plain. Paleorient 45.2: 13-32.