Organising Committee

Scientific Organising Committee

Frederic Vitart (ECMWF, UK)

Andrew Robertson (Columbia, USA)

Steve Woolnough (NCAS/University of Reading, UK)

Cristiana Stan (George Mason University, USA)

Arun Kumar (NOAA, USA)

Hai Lin (Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada)

Caio Coelho (INPE, Brazil)

Munehiko Yamaguchi (WWRP, WMO)

Nico Caltabiano (WCRP, WMO)

Local Organising Committee

Steve Woolnough (NCAS/University of Reading, UK)

Robert Lee (University of Reading, UK)

Linda Hirons (NCAS/University of Reading, UK)

Vicky Boult (NCAS/University of Reading, UK)

Dana Allen (University of Reading, UK)


Questions about the local organisation should go to:


Any questions regarding accommodation should be directed to Venue Reading: