Abstract 018

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How to Choose Credible Ensemble Members for the Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction of Precipitation?

Lead Author: Weihua Jie
CMA Earth System Modeling and Prediction Center (CEMC), China

Keywords: Precipitation, Ensemble prediction

Abstract: The sub-seasonal to seasonal (S2S) prediction of precipitation is not only a hot topic but also a challenge. The traditional ensemble mean and ensemble probabilistic forecast methods cannot avoid the uncertainty of the initial value in the S2S prediction. Is there a more suitable ensemble postprocessing method for the S2S prediction? In this study, the hindcast data during the 1999–2010 summers from nine operational models in the international S2S prediction project has been evaluated. Based on the quantitative objective precipitation evaluation methods, such as the Equitable Threat Score and frequency bias methods, the climatological spatio-temporal distribution of the optimal probabilistic threshold on the S2S scale is proven to exist, and it can be used as the standard to judge how many ensemble members are credible. Then, different ensemble forecast strategies are adopted in different regions to construct a Deterministic Ensemble Forecast using an Optimal Probabilistic Threshold (DEFOPT) method for precipitation prediction. The hindcast data of eight S2S models outside the period 1999–2010 are used to verify the applicability of the DEFOPT method by using the historical optimal probabilistic threshold during 1999–2010. The results show that the DEFOPT outperforms the deterministic forecast from one initial value, the ensemble mean, and the deterministic ensemble forecast using a probabilistic threshold for the occurrence days of rainfall at the 1 mm and 5 mm thresholds (≥1 mm and ≥5 mm) over China during each pentad in most S2S models.

Tongwen WU/Frederic Vitart/Xiangwen LIU/Yixiong LU/Junchen Yao/He Zhao