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A Decade of S2S ICO’s Services and Collaborations for the Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project

Lead Author: Hyung-Jin Kim
Head, Climate Prediction Department, APEC Climate Center, South Korea

Keywords: S2S Prediction Project, International Coordination Office

Abstract: There has been a growing demand from many users and researchers requesting forecasts with a lead time on the subseasonal to seasonal (S2S) timescale (2 weeks to a season ahead). In response to this request, the World Weather Research Program and World Climate Research Program jointly approved an international research initiative, the S2S Prediction Project, in 2013. The main goal of this project is to improve forecast skill and understanding of the S2S timescale with special emphasis on high–impact weather events, to promote its uptake by operational centres and exploitation by the applications communities, and to capitalize the expertise of the weather and climate research communities to address issues of importance to the Global Framework for Climate Services.

At the time of approval, WMO requested to establish an international coordination office for the S2S project (S2S ICO). The Korean Meteorological Administration answered this call; the S2S ICO was hosted by the National Institute of Meteorological in November 2013, and then, was handed over to the APEC Climate Center from December 2020.

The function of the S2S ICO is to provide support to the planning and implementation of S2S priorities, to ensure appropriate international coordination between the S2S participating WMO Members and collaboration with related WMO and other international programmes. To accomplish this function, the S2S ICO supports admirative and secretarial works for the S2S project and other related international research activities. In addition, it also assists the scientific sub-projects for the S2S project in various ways. In particular, the S2S ICO keeps improving the S2S prediction project website, one of the hubs of the international S2S research activities, to support the modelling and scientific issues and to facilitate regional communications.

In this presentation, the authors (that is, the current staffs of the S2S ICO in the APEC Climate Center) would like to address S2S ICO’s 10-year contributions to the S2S prediction project including initial set-up of the S2S ICO, collaboration for the transition of the S2S project from Phase I to Phase II, efforts to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic situation, and supports for the smooth conclusion of the S2S project Phase II.

Hyejin Lee (External Affairs department, APEC Climate Center)
Sangwon Moon (External Affairs department, APEC Climate Center)
Im-Gook Jung ( Climate Prediction Department, APEC Climate Center)