Abstract 261

Abstract ID: 261

WMO infrastructure for operational subseasonal forecasting

Lead Author: Laura Ferranti

Keywords: Lead Centre for Subseasonal forecasts, World Meteorological Organization, Multi-model subseasonal forecasts

Abstract: One of the S2S’s objectives is to promote the uptake of extended range forecasting by operational centres and to facilitate its exploitation. The S2S scientific community has successfully demonstrated the value of such forecasts and consequently the WMO has recently established the process to designate centres making global Sub-Seasonal forecast as WMO Global Producing Centre (GPC-SSF). Through this designation process, GPC-SSF adhere to certain well-defined standards, aiding the consistency and usability of the forecast information. In addition, WMO has established the designation process for Lead Centre for Sub-Seasonal Forecasts (LC-SSFMME). The LC-SSFMME will create multi-model ensembles of sub-seasonal forecasts, maintain an archive containing a set of selected model fields produced by the GPC-SSF, create graphical products from individual and multi-model ensembles and provide verification statistics. ECMWF has been the first centre to be designated as GPC-SSF and it is getting ready to function as Lead Centre for sub-seasonal forecasts.