PhD Student,
EEG Lab Manager (Neurolinguistics),
School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

About me

I’m currently running an EEG study in CINN investigating the impact of linguistic experience on the functional connectivity of the brain in different cognitive domains. Alongside this, I am analysing diffusion and resting-state MRI data for a structural vs. functional connectivity comparison. Previously, I have completed both my BSc in Psychology and MSc in Language Sciences at Reading, with my dissertations written on mind-wandering during reading and the white matter integrity of executive function-related tracts in bilinguals respectively. In between my MSc and beginning my PhD studies, I worked as a Technician in the School of Chemistry, Food, and Pharmacy. My research interests include (but aren’t limited to) bilingual cognition, structural and functional connectivity, the cognitive reserve, language lateralisation, and non-linear modelling. I also have a keen interest in open science, reproducibility, and increasing the accessibility of research and academia. I work with CINN, the Bilingualism in the Brain lab, and the Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics lab.

CINN research I am involved with