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Pain Research and Therapeutics Conference

Tuesday 21st May 2024 The event has a dual objective of both showcasing the in-house expertise of the University of Reading's Pain Research team, but also to provide a platform...Read More >

Reading Emotions 2024

Reading Emotions Symposium 20-21 June 2024 University of Reading Mechanisms of Resilience From bench to bedside This year’s Reading Emotions will feature step-change developments in the theory and practice of...Read More >

CINN-based UROP summer research scholarship

Join us in CINN for a paid summer research placement through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP). Open to mid-degree students from all disciplines with an interest in integrative neuroscience....Read More >

CINNergies are recruiting a new lead

Who are CINNergies? CINNergies is a training and development initiative of the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN) open to all early career researchers, scientists, and scholars in the...Read More >

Reading group on dense neuroimaging, March 2024

We are organising a reading group on dense neuroimaging based on a special issue published in Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 2021, 40:iii–vi The reading group will meet on 2...Read More >

UKAgeNet launches at the UK House of Commons

UKAgeNet is a new network of all major research centres on ageing in the UK and is designed to bring together the UK's great strengths in this field, to promote...Read More >

PhD Opportunities 2023

We are inviting applicants for PhD studentships in Psychology, Language Sciences, Cognitive and Physiological Neuroscience and related disciplines. We are looking for students interested in pursuing PhD projects within our...Read More >

New ENIGMA working group on language

ENIGMA-Language (ENIGMA-LANG) is a new working group aiming to focus on the neurobiology of language, one of the most fundamental traits of our species, in order to investigate associations between...Read More >

Academy of Aphasia 61st Annual Meeting (21-23 October 2023)

Saturday, 21 October – Monday, 23 October, 2023 The 61st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Aphasia will be hosted by the University of Reading, Whitenights campus, UK. The on-campus…Read More >

Reading Emotions 2023

The annual Reading Emotions inter-disciplinary affective neuroscience symposium, recently took place at the University of Reading. This year’s symposium brought together more than 200 researchers from across the globe, at...Read More >

e-ReproNim Brainhack, 19-21/06/23

As part of the e-ReproNim experiment of co-teaching between the MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Reading, the BSc/MSc in Cognitive Science at Nicolaus Copernicus University and the…Read More >

Pain Research Reading Annual Conference (2023)

Following the success of last year’s Pain Research Reading Conference, which focused on the translatability of pain research, this year’s event aims to tackle the general concept of pain, taking…Read More >

Edith Morley Annual Lecture 2023 Delivered by Professor Nazanin Derakhshan

The Edith Morley Lecture 2023 delivered by Professor Nazanin Derakhshan provided a powerful message regarding the problems and struggles faced by those diagnosed with breast cancer, whilst highlighting the important…Read More >

Reading Emotions 2023: Fluctuation and Change

This year’s edition of Reading Emotions will explore how we measure and understand the fluctuations in neural and psychological components of thought and behaviour, across development and through the course…Read More >

2023 SPCLS Early Career Researcher Conference

The annual Early Career Researcher (ECR) Conference at the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences will take place on the 31st of March 2023. The conference, whilst open to…Read More >

Professor Nazanin Derakhshan to deliver the Edith Morley Annual Lecture 2023

CINN-affiliated Professor Nazanin Derakhshan has been selected to deliver the 2023 Edith Morley Annual Lecture entitled “Coping with Cancer”. The School’s Annual Lecture series is named after Edith Morley, who…Read More >

CINN Receives £350k+ From Successful University Funding Bids

CINN has been awarded a total of £366,000 from two successful funding bids to the University’s Annual Research Infrastructure and Equipment Fund! The ARIEF considers major investments of values of…Read More >

neurohack @ CINN

In a bid to improve research skills and practice, for staff and students alike at the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, Associate Professor Dr Etienne Roesch and Lecturer…Read More >

CINN welcomes Dr Ann-Kathrin Beck

CINN are excited to host Dr Ann-Kathrin Beck who will be temporarily joining the Centre from the University of Kaiserslautern for the remainder of the term, on a training and…Read More >

Professor Claire Williams receives funding to tackle UK diet, health and nutrition challenges

Professor Claire Williams, Professor in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, is part of a group at the University of Reading awarded funding to “support research and translation…Read More >

University of Reading part of £35 million award to tackle young people’s mental health

The University of Reading is part of a £35.4 million award to the NIHR Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre, which aims to “directly translate research into potential new treatments, diagnostic…Read More >

CINN Hosts Visitors from the San Marino State Hospital

On the 18th October 2022, part of the Unit of Neurology of the San Marino State Hospital, visited Reading to give a seminar. The delegation was led by Dr Susanna…Read More >

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience – NENS Cluster

A vital aspect of neuroscience is the ability to share research ideas and methods through collaborations, and by promoting open-source practices by making data and software freely available. Reflecting this…Read More >

Doctoral Researcher Position – University of Tubingen

A new exciting opportunity has arose to work with CINN-affiliated researchers Dr Michiko Sakaki and Professor Kou Murayama at the University of Tubingen as part of a PhD investigating the…Read More >

Nencki School of Ideas in Neuroscience – July 3-8, 2022

The Nencki School of Ideas in Neuroscience was a 6-day interactive workshop ran by the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology aimed “at teaching how to develop theoretical thinking, how to…Read More >

Reading Emotions – June 8-9, 2022

June 8th/9th - Avoidance and Exposure: From Brain to Clinic Learning to avoid potential threats is key to survival, but it can become maladaptive when the perceived danger is objectively...Read More >

Sense About Science is empowering ECRs to champion public interest in science

Sense About Science is an independent charity that promotes the public interest in sound science and evidence. Their many worthwhile activities include: The John Maddox Prize, which recognises the work…Read More >

First International Workshop on Concurrent TMS-fMRI

We are excited to announce the First International Concurrent TMS-fMRI Workshop, being held May 4-6 in Cyprus. The CINN is one of two UK centres with concurrent TMS-fMRI capability. This…Read More >

Pain Research Reading Symposium

The event is organised by the CINN Pain Lab with Pain Research Reading, and focuses on research all the way from the lab to the clinic. It aims to explore...Read More >

ECR Dragons’ Den (31 March 2022)

Thursday 31st March 2022 Do you have a really great idea for a collaborative project? Have you been planning to write a grant but don’t have the pilot data to…Read More >

ECR Networking Event (9 Feb 2022)

Wednesday 9th Feb 2022: 13:00-17:00 BST Are you interested in collaborative research? Looking to engage in ECR-led research? Have you got ideas that could benefit from others skills and expertise?…Read More >

PhD Studentships in Psychology and Neuroscience

PhD studentship competitions are now open. For details visit: PhD fees and funding – School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences ( Contact us to discuss research interests, or get…Read More >

Royal Society Discussion Meeting: New Approaches to 3D Vision (1-4 November 2021)

New approaches to 3D vision | Royal Society Leading approaches to computer vision (SLAM: simultaneous localization and mapping), animal navigation (cognitive maps), and human vision (optimal cue integration), start from…Read More >

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Reading seeks applications for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to work for two years on an interdisciplinary research project funded by the John…Read More >

Cathy Manning awarded AVA’s David Marr medal

Every two years, the Applied Vision Association (AVA) invites nominations for the David Marr medal, which recognizes the achievements of an outstanding vision scientist in the early part of his…Read More >

IFNH Seminar (18 June 2021)

“Multi-level approach to human health research: A working example bridging haemostatic, vascular, and neurocognitive health research” The session will be led by Dr Gabriella Rossetti, CINN Research Fellow, with presentations...Read More >

Royal Society Ferrier Lecture 2021: Professor Daniel Wolpert (17 June 2021)

Professor Daniel Wolpert FMedSci FRS will be awarded the 2021 Ferrier Medal and Lecture for distinguished contributions on the structure and function of the nervous system. The Lecture will be…Read More >

Cerebral Haemodynamics Symposium (23 July 2021)

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THIS EVENT Although the human brain constitutes only 2% of body mass, it accounts for 20% of an individual’s oxygen consumption (Raichle and Gusnard, 2002). As such, it is dependent...Read More >

Royal Society Croonian Lecture 2021: Professor Barry Everitt (27 May 2021)

Professor Barry Everitt FMedSci FRS will be awarded the 2021 Croonian Medal and Lecture for elucidating brain mechanisms of motivation and applying them to important societal issues such as drug…Read More >

Discussion Group: Do physiology and psychology align? (7 May 2021)

Friday 7th May 2021: 09:00-12:00 BST CINNergies are hosting a reading club and debate on the “Brain-Cognitive behaviour problem”. This debate is set to get to the heart of the challenges…Read More >

Reading Emotions 2021: Gut, Brain, and Affect

Complex interactions between the resident bacteria in the gut and the host nervous system constitute one of the frontier areas of neuroscience. In the tenth anniversary meeting of Reading Emotions,…Read More >

Talk: Daniel Martins, King’s College London (4 March 2021)

Oxytocin modulation of the neurocomputational mechanisms underlying prosocial learning Thursday 4 March 2021, 3pm GMT Humans often act on the best interest of others. While questions remain about the intrinsic…Read More >

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

We are seeking to appoint a highly motivated, adventurous, interdisciplinary neuroscientist to help us understand how humans prioritise information in support of the decisions they make. We focus on visual…Read More >

ECR Dragons’ Den (29 March 2021)

Monday 29th March 15.30-17.00 Do you have a really great idea for a collaborative project? Have you been planning to write a grant but don’t have the pilot data to…Read More >

Reading Group: functional neuroimaging and neuronal activity (18 December 2020)

Friday 18-Dec-2020, 13:00-17:00 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B (Biological Sciences) theme issue ‘Key relationships between non-invasive functional neuroimaging and the underlying neuronal activity’ Compiled and edited by Anusha…Read More >

CINN Research Fellowship

We are currently looking for our next CINN Research Fellow. The post holder will split their time between: developing their own research under the supervision of the Centre Director and…Read More >

Reading Emotions 2020: Emotional and Cognitive Flexibility

11 and 12 June – online virtual meeting! The complex ability to respond to change and other challenges in the environment renders a person resilient to major life stressors. Difficulties…Read More >

Diagnostic labels for mental health conditions are not always useful

Putting a name to a mental health condition can allow faster access to public services and supportive patient groups – but these diagnostic labels are of limited use to clinicians…Read More >

Blog: Closing the loop between technology and people

Professor Doug Saddy’s lecture entitled “Augmented Humans: mind and machine” changed the way I think about myself and about the role that brain science will play in the progression of…Read More >

Blog: Talking to an empty room?

Blog post by Tim Yates, Research Communications Business Partner (Institutes). We (Research Communications) want to talk about your research. We want to help you find ways to showcase your innovations…Read More >

Blog: Understanding Curiosity

Blog post by Dr Lily FitzGibbon, a former psychologist from the Motivation Science Lab at the University of Reading Researchers from the University of Reading’s School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences are embarking…Read More >

Kou Murayama wins the Leverhulme Research Leadership Award

Dr Kou Murayama wins the Leverhulme Research Leadership Award, worth £1 million. Taking place once every four years, the Leverhulme Research Leadership Award is given to support academics who need to build a research…Read More >

Watch Professor Doug Saddy’s Augmented Humans lecture

From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Everything, from autonomous vehicles to the future delivery of healthcare therapies. Professor Doug Saddy, director of CINN, explored how the application…Read More >

New scanner to expand research

Dr Anastasia Christakou, Professor Doug Saddy, and Professor Tom Johnstone talk about the importance of staying on the cutting edge of technology in neuroscience. With the installation of a new…Read More >

New technology brings new opportunities

The opportunities a new scanner will bring to CINN is not only the core research agendas, but the chance for collaborations with clinical trials units, Royal Berkshire Hospital and other…Read More >

Cannabinoids as Medicines

Associate Professor Ciara McCabe was asked to speak about, Cannabinoids as Medicines, to the DrugScience committee led by David Nutt, Imperial College London. The DrugScience committee works to provide clear, evidence-based information…Read More >

Bhismadev Chakrabarti speaking at Central European University

Clues from reward & mimicry to understand Autism Humans are social beings. Most of us find looking at, hearing, and interacting with other humans to be a rewarding experience. One…Read More >

Motivational Disorders in Brain Conditions

Professor Ciara McCabe was included in a write up by The Dana Foundation on the BNA Festival of Neuroscience. Discussing research looking at how disorders of motivation affect a significant minority of people…Read More >

Professor Ciara McCabe to give talk at The Brain Prize Meeting

Associate Professor Ciara McCabe has had the prestigious honour of being selected by the 2017 Lundbeck Foundation Brain Prize program committee and the Brain Prize winners Peter Dayan, Wolfram Schultz and Ray Dolan to…Read More >

Don’t get into drugs, you will enjoy them!

During the Cheltenham Science Festival in June 2017 a highly informative symposium focusing on drug use and drug research was sponsored by the BAP called Drugs and the Brain. The panel…Read More >

Pump priming grants awarded new research initiatives

As part of the CINN’s remit to foster interdisciplinary research in all aspects of the brain, 15 new research projects have been supported through pump priming grants of between £500…Read More >

Reading professor discusses dementia on BBC Radio 4

Professor Arlene Astell from the University of Reading has been speaking on BBC Radio 4 about the effect sound can have on dementia sufferers. She has been closely involved with a BBC project, where…Read More >

CINN member awarded funding for work on uncertainty and anxiety

A member of CINN has been awarded funding by the ESRC, the Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation and the British Academy for her work around uncertainty and anxiety. Postdoctoral researcher Dr Jayne Morriss has…Read More >

Reading Scholars

Dr McCabe, the Director of Outreach for PCLS (School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences), along with the help of undergraduate mentors hosted the first Psychology Reading Scholars Programme on…Read More >

An expanded platform for interdisciplinary research, 4 October 2017

We would like to invite you to a short session to learn about the Centre, meet fellow researchers and share your views on how CINN can help develop your research….Read More >

CINNergies meeting (11 December 2017)

CINNergies is a community of early career researchers who share an openness for and motivation to engage in interdisciplinary research. Their mission is to provide opportunities for researchers to meet,…Read More >

TMS Lab Spotlight, 25 January 2018

The TMS-Neurostimulation lab offers a workshop on the integration of TMS and EEG signals. Both theoretical and practical aspects are covered. A live recording, applying TMS and EEG, will be…Read More >

OHMM Annual Meeting, 17-21 June 2018

The OHBM Annual Meeting will bring together those dedicated to using neuroimaging to discover the organization of the human brain. The meeting will include workshops on imaging and imaging technology,…Read More >

CINNergies talk (25 April 2018)

CINNergies is a community of early career researchers who share an openness for and motivation to engage in interdisciplinary research. Their mission is to provide opportunities for researchers to meet,…Read More >

EEG Lab Spot Light, 25 to 27 June 2018

This intensive three-day workshop will focus on the set up and analysis of language experiments in EEG, including presentations and workshops from Vitoria Piai of the Donders Centre for Cognition…Read More >

Virtual Reality: The Symposium (11 June 2018)

Virtual technologies have become increasingly prevalent in the modern world. The affordability of such technologies have made them accessible across disciplines and we continue to see a growing interest in…Read More >

Reading Emotions 2018: Pain and belief

Reading Emotions is a research interest group, bringing together affective neuroscientists at the University of Reading, and our collaborators in the UK and internationally. Now in its 7th year, the…Read More >

World of Work conference on the 13th September 2018

As robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming more common in the world of work, what needs to happen in policy and practice in universities and businesses to enable…Read More >

Intrinsic neuronal properties encode for song and error in birdsong vocal learning (11 October 2018)

Presentation 11 October 2018, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Room 1L08 in AGRIC by Arij Daou (American University of Beirut) Neurons regulate their intrinsic physiological properties but how this contributes…Read More >

Fifth iCog conference (21-22 February 2019)

The iCog network aims to promote dialogue and collaboration between disciplines by encouraging postgraduate and early career researchers from cognate fields to share their knowledge and skills. The 5th iCog…Read More >

Reading Emotions 2019: About Time; temporal perspectives on affective processes

Affective processes are inherently dynamic, from both first and second person perspectives. How we perceive and respond to the expression of emotion in others, and how we experience emotion ourselves…Read More >

MultiMind Reading Summer School (1-5 July 2019)

Who should attend? This  summer school is for postgraduates in the Social Sciences/Humanities who are interested in attending introductory classes on methods in Cognitive Neuroscience. It is more specifically for…Read More >