Multimodal Imaging

No single technique can capture the multitude of processes that underlie human behaviour. Researchers at the CINN are studying the actions of neurotransmitters and hormones at neural synapses and rapid dynamical interactions between neural assemblies, all the way up to large-scale engagement of distributed brain networks. The brain does not exist in isolation; CINN research is also investigating how the brain interacts with other parts of the body, and indeed the brains and bodies of others.

The facilities and technologies at the CINN have been designed from the outset to enable the development of innovative techniques for combining measurements across multiple neural, body and social systems.

The CINN is one of only a small number of centres in the UK with the ability to apply TMS in the fMRI scanner. We have a specialised MR-compatible TMS setup which allows for the application of TMS pulses during fMRI scanning (aka concurrent TMS-fMRI), a technique which allows for the simultaneous visualisation across the whole brain of the effects of TMS to a single brain area, and while a behavioural task is being performed. This provides us with the unique ability to view the causal influence of one brain area over others, which allows us to probe the cognitive mechanisms of involved brain regions.


  • MagVenture MagPro 30 TMS machine
  • MR-compatible MRi-B91 Butterfly coil
  • Custom MR-compatible coil holder

Key contact: Eva Feredoes

We have an Eyelink 1000 alongside the TMS setup, for concurrent eye tracking.
Key contact: Eva Feredoes

Key contact: Etienne Roesch, Umit Aydin

Key contact: Wiebke Gandhi, Rich Harrison, Bhisma Chakrabarti, Anastasia Christakou, Claire Williams, David Field

Key contact: Wiebke Gandhi, Rich Harrison

Key contact: Anastasia Christakou