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Gabs Rossetti, CINN Research Fellow

CINNergies is a creative and diverse community of early career researchers who share an openness for and motivation to engage in interdisciplinary research. Our mission is to provide opportunities for early career researchers to meet, to connect, and to share their research interests.

CINNergies welcomes individuals from any discipline who are interested in human thought and behaviour.

CINNergies is an interdisciplinary group originating from the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN) in the school of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences. The group is designed to foster the Integrative nature of CINN, and support interdisciplinary ideas that relate to human thought and behaviour.

Engaging in research with CINNergies can come in many different forms

  • Feel free to get involved in the existing research agenda in CINN (see below)
  • Bring your own ideas that you think fit with our research agenda
  • Bring any other ideas you have that relate to human thought and behaviour, even if they do not relate to current research in CINN – we’ll be excited to explore new interdisciplinary opportunities with you

CINNergies events

CINN Research Agenda

The current CINN research agenda has the following key areas of research

  • Hearts and minds – neuro-cardiometabolic relationships and the ageing brain/mind
  • The developing mind – physiological-cognitive and social developmental processes that forge adults during adolescence
  • Nutrition and the brain – how nutrition can affect brain function and mood states (integrates with both hearts and minds and the developing mind)
  • The pain network – understanding pain physiology and management
  • Language and multilingualism – how the brain manages to tackle the hard problem of using two or more languages
  • Methodological – multimodal integration of data and dynamics (statistical and analytical processes that allow us to look at neurodynamic processes)

See the main CINN page for more detailed information about our research agenda.