Research Studies

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Ongoing studies


The OYSCOG Study

A randomised controlled trial to investigate the cognitive, mood, anti-inflammatory and metabolic effects of a vegetable powder intervention in older adults (OYSCOG).

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GENESIS:- Predicting Outcomes to Experimental Surgery

GENESIS stands for “Genicular artery embolisation for osteoarthritis of the knee”. This study is a interdisciplinary experiment to investigate the use of ’embolisation’ as a surgical treatment for knee osteoarthritis (OA).


The Gut Brain Axis Study

This project includes two studies, investigating how the gut microbiome influences the brain and behaviour (Study 1) and how taking probiotics that enhance the microbiome affects this relationship (Study 2).

Open to caucasian males 18-50 years of age. For more detailed eligibility criteria, please see the study page.


Prevalence of subjective cognitive impairment in healthy older adults

Subjective cognitive imapirment brings many concerned older adults to their GP, however, it is unclear if subjective cognitive impairment is a useful indicator of early changes in memory and thinking that could be related to disorders such as dementia. This study is open to healthy adults aged 50-80 years.


Neural and behavioural correlates of sensorimotor function in Parkinson’s disease

Outcomes from this project will provide novel insights into the nature of sensorimotor integration deficits in Parkinson’s Disease (PD); and will allow for the rapid translation of theoretical findings to clinical practice by providing a framework for developing new technologies for early diagnosis, assessment, and treatment for individuals with PD.
This study is open to individuals with Parkinson’s disease and healthy adults aged 40-85 years,

Upcoming and future studies


Want to hear about future studies?

We have research studies happening all the time, on a variety of different topics, and using different methods. If you’re interested in being a participant in our studies, you can sign up to our participant database and we will let you know about future studies you might be eligible for.


The INDIE Study

Intertemporal NeuroDevelopmental InfluEnces in adolescence

Examining the links between physiology, behaviour, and emotion in adolescence. Please visit the study page for more details.

Recently completed studies and studies not currently recruiting

A resting-state EEG functional connectivity study examining the impact of linguistic experience on connectivity both pre- and post- cognitively demanding tasks. Not currently recruiting.

The Choline Measurement Reliability Study (CHOMRS)

This study completed data colection in July 2023.


The Art Critic Study

This study completed data collection in Dec 2022.

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The HAVEN Study

This study completed data collection for this phase of the project in Dec 2022.


The OYSACO Study

This study completed data collection in Dec 2022.

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Sugar vs sweetener on the brain’s reward system

This study completed data collection in October 2022.



Not currently recruiting.