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Ongoing studies

Sensory reactivity in autistic preschoolers

Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) is very diverse in terms of clinical and neurobiological aspects, making it important to categorize based on biological factors. However, one challenge is that we don't...Read More >

SAP Crowding

We investigate the validity of subliminal affective priming (SAP), whereby a response (i.e. a valence judgement) is influenced by a preceding stimulus presented without conscious awareness. In this second part...Read More >

The effects of Vitamin B6 on sensory reactivity and anxiety in autistic adults

Sensory hypersensitivity is reported in ~95% of autistic individuals and anxiety is reported in ~30% of autistic individuals. Theories have proposed that this sensory hypersensitivity and anxiety may be driven...Read More >

Effects of lemon balm on endothelial function in healthy adults

A randomised controlled crossover trial to investigate the effects of a single dose of encapsulated lemon balm on brachial artery endothelial function in healthy adults aged 18 to 35 (LEMVAS)....Read More >

Factors influencing the efficacy of thalamic nuclei segmentation

Our project aims to characterise how well different structural segmentation methods perform in segmentation of the thalamus into its nuclei, and determine what are the differences between the different methods....Read More >

Examination of sugar and sweetener on the brain’s response

This study will examine the effects of sugar and sweeteners on the brains reward system by measuring brain activity while you taste sweet flavour. Currently sugar is regarded as a...Read More >

Mechanisms of distractor mitigation in working memory

Study overview We would be grateful to you if you could assist us by participating in our study exploring how different parts of the brain can help people hold visual...Read More >

The INDIE Study

The INDIE study aims to understand how fluctuations in brain and body physiology affect the cognitive and emotional development of young people during early to mid adolescence. We use brain...Read More >

Neural and behavioural correlates of sensorimotor function in Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder in the world. While PD is traditionally classified as a motor disorder attributed to the dysfunctions in the subcortical areas...Read More >


A randomised controlled trial to investigate the cognitive, mood, anti-inflammatory and metabolic effects of a vegetable powder intervention in older adults (OYSCOG). Researchers at the School of Psychology at the...Read More >

GENESIS: Predicting outcomes to experimental surgery

GENESIS stands for “Genicular artery embolisation for osteoarthritis of the knee”. This study is a interdisciplinary experiment to investigate the use of ’embolisation’ as a surgical treatment for knee osteoarthritis...Read More >

The Gut-Brain Axis Study

The aim of this project is to understand how different populations of gut bacteria influence brain function and behaviour in humans. Did you know some of the bacteria in your...Read More >

Prevalence of subjective cognitive impairment in healthy older adults

Subjective cognitive impairment (SCI) is defined as the self-reported experience on worsening cognitive abilities e.g., worsening memory and thinking, without any difficulties being evident on objective tests of memory and...Read More >

Upcoming and future studies


Want to hear about future studies?

We have research studies happening all the time, on a variety of different topics, and using different methods. If you’re interested in being a participant in our studies, you can sign up to our participant database and we will let you know about future studies you might be eligible for.

Recently completed studies and studies not currently recruiting

A resting-state EEG functional connectivity study examining the impact of linguistic experience on connectivity both pre- and post- cognitively demanding tasks. Not currently recruiting.

The Choline Measurement Reliability Study (CHOMRS)

This study completed data colection in July 2023.


The Art Critic Study

This study completed data collection in Dec 2022.

Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 16.54.16

The HAVEN Study

This study completed data collection for this phase of the project in Dec 2022.


The OYSACO Study

This study completed data collection in Dec 2022.

poster-cm_Ciara McCabe

Sugar vs sweetener on the brain’s reward system

This study completed data collection in October 2022.



Not currently recruiting.