CINN has been awarded a total of £366,000 from two successful funding bids to the University's Annual Research Infrastructure and Equipment Fund! The ARIEF considers major investments of values of £100K or more in science disciplines, and £40K or more in the non-science disciplines, which "will either have a transformative impact on research capacity and quality within a defined area of existing or potential research excellence within the University, or which funds the replacement of strategically important equipment or infrastructure, without which our capacity to conduct research would be negatively impacted."

A centre-wide application - led by CINN Director Professor Anastasia Christakou - was awarded £333K to upgrade current equipment and expand capacity in the biomedical, pain, neurostimulation and computational labs.

A separate application - led by CINN Research Fellow Dr Brendan Williams - was awarded £30K for the Early Career Researchers (ECR)-specific pot to provide specialist devices to collect Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) data.

Congratulations to those at CINN, and especially to the researchers who contributed to either application!