A member of CINN has been awarded funding by the ESRC, the Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation and the British Academy for her work around uncertainty and anxiety.

Postdoctoral researcher Dr Jayne Morriss has been named a recipient of a Young Investigator Grant from the Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation. The grants, which are awarded every year, go to early-career scientists with “innovative ideas for groundbreaking neurobiological research”.

The grant was awarded for her work around uncertainty and anxiety, specifically looking at whether intolerance of uncertainty disrupts safety learning.

Dr Morriss’ project measures the response of those taking part to a computer-based task imitating uncertain situations. It is hoped the project will provide a foundation for further study into how intolerance of uncertainty manifests in children and teenagers, and its relevance to the development of anxiety-based disorders.

Want to know more? Watch her new video series on YouTube about her research: