Who are CINNergies?

CINNergies is a training and development initiative of the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN) open to all early career researchers, scientists, and scholars in the University of Reading, irrespective of discipline or career track.

The mission of CINNergies is to support a creative and diverse community of early career researchers who share a motivation to engage in interdisciplinarity. It provides opportunities to connect with others who share an interest in research beyond disciplinary boundaries, in order to:

  • Foster a continued knowledge exchange between disciplines
  • Promote interdisciplinary openness in their home units and their academic or technical careers
  • Generate novel and innovative research perspectives that bring together multiple disciplines, or from which new approaches can emerge

Who is the CINNergies lead?

The CINNergies lead is an early career UoR researcher (research assistant, technician, postdoctoral research assistant or fellow, Assistant Professor or equivalent) from any discipline and career track, with an interest in championing interdisciplinary collaboration.

As a CINNergies lead, you will:

  • Promote and explore interdisciplinarity in creative ways
  • Work with CINN ECRs and other members of CINNergies
  • Work with the CINN leadership to manage a dedicated annual budget
  • Use the methodological reach and expertise of CINN to support the development of interdisciplinary ideas with ECRs across UoR and beyond
  • Organise networking, pump priming opportunities, talks, reading groups, and other events that bring together like-minded researchers to discuss and develop ideas

For more information and for details of how to apply, please contact cinn@reading.ac.uk by Sunday 24th March 2024