Friday 7th May 2021: 09:00-12:00 BST

CINNergies are hosting a reading club and debate on the “Brain-Cognitive behaviour problem”. This debate is set to get to the heart of the challenges and potential benefits of interdisciplinary research.

According to nature research“Cognitive neuroscience is the field of study focusing on the neural substrates of mental processes. It is at the intersection of psychology and neuroscience, but also overlaps with physiological psychology, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology. It combines the theories of cognitive psychology and computational modelling with experimental data about the brain.”

But can this scientific field successfully navigate the complex interdisciplinarity of the issues it is set out to investigate?

Sign up here and look below to access some of the resources we’ll be discussing.

Articles to read

Podcasts to listen to

Webinars to watch

György Buzsáki
The Brain–Cognitive Behavior Problem: A Retrospective
Russ Poldrack
Cognitive Ontologies
(Brain Inspired)
Russ Poldrak
The measurement crisis in cognitive neuroscience(Reading Emotions 2020)
David Poeppel and Federico Adolfi
Against the Epistemological Primacy of the Hardware: The Brain from Inside Out, Turned Upside Down
György Buzsáki and David Poeppel
(Brain Inspired)
Anastasia Christakou
A molecules to mind approach to understanding thought and behaviour
Shimon Marom
Dialogue Across Chasm: Are Psychology and Neurophysiology Incompatible?

The discussion group will be held online, on Microsoft Teams.