The iCog network aims to promote dialogue and collaboration between disciplines by encouraging postgraduate and early career researchers from cognate fields to share their knowledge and skills. The 5th iCog conference has the theme of higher cognitive function, and we encourage abstracts from all disciplines in cognitive science on topics including (but not limited to) moral, causal, counterfactual and hypothetical reasoning and metacognition.

Invited speakers

Dr Sarah Beck – University of Birmingham – School of Psychology

Dr Chris Lucas – University of Edinburgh – School of Informatics

Dr Dan Bang – University College London – Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging

Professor Philipp Koralus – University of Oxford – Faculty of Philosophy

Skill-share workshops

Using virtual reality in research – hosted by Dr Kathryn Francis – University of Reading

Escape the lab: conducting research outside universities – hosted by Dr Lily FitzGibbon – University of Reading

Conference Dinner

There will be an informal conference dinner in a local restaurant on the Thursday evening. Everyone is welcome. If you would like to attend then please drop the organisers and email so we can give the restaurant an idea of numbers.

This conference is generously supported by the University of Reading’s Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics, Guarantors of Brain, the Mind Association, the Aristotelian Society, and the Analysis Trust.