We are excited to announce the First International Concurrent TMS-fMRI Workshop, being held May 4-6 in Cyprus. The CINN is one of two UK centres with concurrent TMS-fMRI capability. This is a powerful and unique research technique that allows us to apply non-invasive brain stimulation during fMRI scanning, allowing us to probe how the brain communicates through networks during different behaviours.

Dr Eva Feredoes (CINN TMS Lab Lead) is co-organising the workshop which is bringing together, for the first time, leading TMS-fMRI researchers to share the latest research, solve problems and advance the technique. The CINN has provided three invaluable travel awards for early career researchers, to help connect them with their field. We will also be planning a TMS-fMRI Summer School to be held at the CINN in 2023, and we hope to make the workshop a regular event.

A link to the workshop can be found here: www.tmsfmri.com/workshop.