Dr Florian Roithmayr

Lecturer in Art,
Reading School of Art

I work with sculpture to generate and trace exchanges between people, between people and materials, and between materials. The ambition is to register the consequences of one surface or material yielding another through capturing the unexpected gestures that occur in the gap between mould and cast. In this interstitial space, occurrences often remain unforeseeable and unaccountable.

My focus is on labour that renders itself invisible upon completion and I nurture this research through immersion in collections, excavations, workshops, or fabrication processes. Learning from the meticulous attention to detail in these procedures, I embed my work in the micro-processes emerging in my studio practice as maker: here, sculptures act not as discrete objects but as representations of an accumulation of research, process and production. Lean more about my research and work on the Slade School of Fine Art website.

CINN research I am involved with