Nazanin Derakhshan

Professor of Experimental Psychology and Founder of the BRiC Centre,
School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

About me

A big focus of my research is on understanding the neurocognitive mechanisms governing vulnerability to anxiety and depression as well as developing and examining the efficacy of interventions empowering resilience. A major discovery of this work has been the key role of attentional control in vulnerability and resilience in anxiety and depression. Our research shows that when targeted using adaptive cognitive training programmes, attentional control, can improve cognitive efficiency and reduce anxiety and depressive vulnerability.

I founded the award winning Centre for Research and Practice into Building Resilience in Breast Cancer (BRiC) to empower women with a breast cancer diagnosis. BRiC’s aim is to improve cognitive and emotional health in a population where depression and anxiety are known to not only loom high for considerable years post treatment but increase clinical mortality rates by up to 30%. I have been privileged to work with some amazing PhD and Masters students who have played a significant role in the making of our work to this day.

CINN research I am involved with