As part of the CINN’s remit to foster interdisciplinary research in all aspects of the brain, 15 new research projects have been supported through pump priming grants of between £500 and £4000.

Successful applications were judged to be the most ambitious and innovative proposals that addressed one or more of CINN’s core research themes – Brain and Technology, Brain and Body, Brain and Humanity.

Applicants had to demonstrate the feasibility of their research idea and state clearly the tangible outputs likely to result from support by CINN.

Congratulations to the following researchers:

Francesco Tamagnini Pharmacology Research Group Detection of extracellular choline in striatal and cortical brain regions: paralleling ex vivo electrophysiology and amperometric biosensing with human functional neurochemical imaging
Ian Givens Inst Food, Nutrition, Health Diet and risk of cognitive disorders: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies
Nandini Vasudevan School of Biological Sciences Neuromorphology in the Eker rat: a model of autism
Andreas Kalckert School of Psychology and Clinical Languages Integration of visual and vibrotactile stimuli during movement
Sillas Hadjiloucas Biomedical Engineering Artificial Intelligence in Medicine workshop
Peter Scarfe Perception, cognition & nutrition Active exploration of imaging data by vision and touch
Eva Feredoes School of Psychology and Clinical Languages TMS-fMRI ‘ping’ mapping as a causal approach to connectomics
Richard Everitt Mathematics & Statistics Tutorials on Bayesian statistics
Christos Pliatsikas Language, ageing and development Effects of Bilingualism on Healthy Aging and Dementia: A Longitudinal Study
Rosemary Lim Pharmacy Medication management by people with dementia and their family carers – current evidence and next steps.
Caroline Rook HBS Improving Mental Health in the Workplace – Developing a
multi-faceted framework of individual resilience to support
targeted health strategies in the workplace to create
sustainable work performance
Luis Patino Computer Science Workshop on Behaviour Analysis of Ageing people at home: A Multidisciplinary perspective
Emma Borg Philosophy How might our beliefs about pain influence our experiences of pain? Some lessons from typical and non-typical patient populations.
Ferderico Faloppa Heritage and Creativity Processing “racist” language: a pilot study
Kathryn Francis Philosophy/Psychology 2-day interdisciplinary workshop titled “Virtual Reality for the Humanities and Social Sciences”

CINN will be running another pump priming round in 2018, and if you would like to talk to us about how we can help with a project, do get in touch.